Quack? Woof!

I had the pleasure of meeting Clarence the Drake, though I admit I was a little nervous about his beak and flappy wings.

I thought Mum was taking me to check out the new American Embassy at Nine Elms …

Thought I’d wear my Union Jack bandana that Lisa had made for me.

When I spotted a duck! Yes! A Duck!

And he’s wearing a bandana just like mine!!!!

Er, hello.

I wasn’t sure why he’s staring at me like that.

But I was very curious.

AHHHHH! What are you doing with those flappers!


We definitely didn’t speak the same language. I said “woof” and he said “quack” – we didn’t understand each other.

Clarence came about unexpectedly. He wasn’t meant to be alive … but he is. This is his story.

Yes, there is a new duck on the block!

Clarence came to his new London home in a small cardboard box marked
“Clarence Court”.

©Lapdog Photo Productions

Going along with the idea of a new family member, Dana (of Lapdog Photo
) started taking photos of Clarence from the day he was hatched. Capturing pivotal moments of his development from two hours oldand “I’ve still got an eggshell stuck to my beak”

He came with five other free-range duck eggs a short distance from Sainsbury’s to make a life for himself with Charlie, Dana and Kia and Samara the Staffies (Staffordshire bullteriers).

Clarence’s dad, Charlie was keen to test a new incubator he got for his Aunt and decided to see if he could hatch some duck eggs. Without giving it much thought, he bought some duck eggs from the nearby Sainsbury.

After five days in the incubator and a small heartbeat appeared through the egg shell Clarence was growing in. Timing his arrival perfectly, Clarence hatched on Farther’s Day. And he was named after the farm where he was from.

©Lapdog Photo Productions
Just 2 hours old, wet from the yolk with an eggshell still stuck on his bill.

to Clarence’s first swim

©Lapdog Photo Productions
His very first swim – looking so proud of himself.

and outdoor adventures.

©Lapdog Photo Productions
His first adventure in their local park – he loved eating daisies when he was a duckling
©Lapdog Photo Productions

He seemed like the golden boy but his white feathers were starting to grow …

©Lapdog Photo Productions

And soon he was all white!

©Lapdog Photo Productions

Clarence has made his presence known the minute he was able to run
around the house with the two elderly dogs

©Lapdog Photo Productions

Samara is absolutely smitten with Clarence and attempts to lick him any chance she gets. She often invites him to play, the way dogs do, dropping their body to the ground, bum in the air with a waggy tail.

©Lapdog Photo Productions

At 16 years of age, Kia is not terribly impressed by Clarence’s need to peck everything he sees but has learned to accept his silly behaviour. It must be said that Clarence is not fluent in dog language so all dog and duck interactions are supervised by the humans.

Being the only boy in the family, he gets away with all kinds of behaviour –
either trying to steel the limelight and get all treats and attention, to not being too keen on sharing.

©Lapdog Photo Productions

At three months old Clarence enjoys a life of duckxury. He starts his day by having a bath in the family bath tub where he gets to enjoy all kinds of lettuce dropped in the water by his doting guardians. This is followed by a trip to their local park where Clarence runs around with his dog siblings.

©Lapdog Photo Productions
Clarence wearing a bow tie made by Louise M Crowley @starlett_style

Clarence’s favourite foods are slugs, prawns, all kinds of fish and lettuce, tomatoes, pasta, rice,  birdseed, dry mealworms and even mozzarella cheese. His particular penchant is treats by Fish for Dogs and he’ll wait his turn when the staffies are being spoiled.

Clarence has got his very own paddling pool in the garden where he spends his afternoons catching the rays and waging his own war against the local slug and snail overpopulation. Each day is full of snack times, as Clarence truly is an eating machine and ends with yet another bath-time to help him clean and relax before he dreams of tomorrow’s adventures.

Lucky Duck! 🙂

©Lapdog Photo Productions
When Darcy met Clarence at the new American Embassy in Nine Elms.

Mum’s comment: What a beautiful creature he is. I have never been so close to a duck before.

©Lapdog Photo Productions

But he is gorgeous! And full of personality.

Darcy was quite nervous though. He would sometimes chase the pigeons but not this bold creature who flaps his wings and who was quite curious about her. He’s used to dogs and not fearful of them.

©Lapdog Photo Productions

I met Dana through her photography at events – and became friends. At a recent shoot, she told me about Clarence. His photos on his Instagram handle – @clarence_the_drake were beautiful and I was intrigued. A duck? Creatures with webbed feet? I had to meet him.

I never thought their beaks would be smooth and velvety and their web feet have claws. His feathers so smooth and beautifully white. His little beady eyes are keen – and he has so much personality. In love! I could watch him all day.

Except for the first few photos – all photos of Clarence are by Dana of Lapdog Photo Productions.

P.S. Some of the other eggs in the same carton never came to life, two others did but did not survive.


  1. Jill Keiser

    Clarence had a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing! Glad Darcy had a chance to make friends with him!

  2. Anne McCormack

    OMG! Does that mean you could get chickens from store bought eggs, too? I don’t think I’ll ever eat another egg.

  3. Liz Burman

    What an amazing story, and what a beautiful duck. I always thought store bought eggs were not fertilised!!🤔

  4. Judith Vogel

    Love your story and photos!
    I have a friend who rescues Ducks from ponds when the water freezes. She and her son take stranded ones into their home and keeps them in her one bedroom, one bath apartment until she can place them in animal sanctuaries!
    So far as of last year over 1000 duck lives have been saved!
    Love your adventures…..really need to have that one in a book of its own!
    Quack Quack woof woof!

  5. Tracey

    This is to be one of my favourite articles! Loving Clarence’s story and that she got to hang out with Miss Darcy! 😊❤️ love Tracey & Sydney the Mi-ki xx

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