Laugh Out Loud!

Let’s change our vocabulary. Let’s say “we’re staying safe” instead of “we’re in lockdown.”

There have been so many funnies going around in social media. I am sure you have seen most of them. But we thought to share the ones that dogs helped put some things into perspective – with a sense of humour.

When reports about the virus started spreading closer to home, there was the panic buying. For some strange reason the hoomans had an obsession with Toilet Paper! Learn from us –

We don’t see them more than something for us to play with. Oops!

But as it was getting quite dire, all fluffy white pups were warned …

It really wasn’t the bum they were suppose to be concerned with. It’s so much more important that they remember to wash their hands …

And not to touch their faces!

The hoomans were advised to practise self-distancing. That means hoomans must stay at least two metres away from each other to stop the spread of infection.

But they had selective hearing. That forced the Government to enforce stricter rules – that unless hoomans were key workers they must stay at home to reduce contacts.

Stay at home, save lives – was the message.

We’ve heard our hoomans worried about our grooming needs during this undefined periods of isolation. Mum had made an appointment for us in late April but our groomers have since closed and we don’t know when they will open again.

During this time of isolation, the Government had encouraged hoomans to exercise.

They should go out once a day by themselves or with someone they live with to run, bike, walk or go get food or medical supplies. They are allowed to walk us …

But they must not drive to distant places to walk their dogs. Drones were out to catch those hoomans who did.

They can of course also exercise at home … and sometimes we can do that together.

But sometimes we don’t get what you’re doing! LOL!

That one made Mum laugh out loud!

Just because hoomans can’t travel doesn’t mean we can’t!!!!

We’ll do selfies to send back.

So was all this a conspiracy?

So glad we could entertain you.

Oh yes, as for the other specie …

May’s comment: Stay at home. Stay safe. And stay positive. We are all in this together. We will get through this even though …

And please remember that dogs cannot spread the virus …

There have been reports that dogs have been poisoned and abandoned for fear that they can spread the virus.


  1. Liz Burman

    Great to see dogs finally getting their own back!?

  2. Cheryl

    Thank you for the laughs! I must say the dog on top of the cupboards hits a bit close to our daughter’s home! Cody is so tired from all the looong walks!
    Stay well,

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