Lighting a candle

Tonight I watched as Mummy helped Little Tyke observe the first night of Hanukkah by lighting a candle on the menorah with a shamash.

IMG_7167 IMG_7171

Mummy then read the story of Light the Menorah to Little Tyke.  It told the story about the Maccabees – how they recaptured Jerusalem from the Syrians.  And when it came time to celebrate, they had only one jar of oil left – which was enough for one night but miraculously it stayed alight for eight days.  That’s why we will be lighting candles for the next seven days.

IMG_7162Little Tyke and Mini Tyke with Hanukkah geld.

Hanukkah symbolises how God looked after the Jews in their difficult time.

Come to think of it, there are a lot of celebrations with candles at this time of year.

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