Little Black Dog at White Dog Cafe

While at Philly, Aunty May-Mei and Uncle Swee Lim took us to lunch at the very appropriate White Dog Cafe. As we know by now, we have to be seated outside. Thankfully the weather permitted us to do so.

But when Mummy went inside, she was duly impressed. It was a total dedication to dogs at the venue. Everywhere and everything was dog-related, including the door handle!As you enter, you’re greeted with quotes about dogs!
Dog pop art in the bar area The red room with more pop art!
Very formal portraits!More traditional portraits. And another room – feels more Andy Warhol. Black and white prints And sculpturesIn the hallway leading to the restrooms It didn’t just end there. Signage for the restrooms … And each restroom door had a huge portrait of woofs! And the walls were covered with dog carvings.And definitely watch those steps when you leave the restrooms.Because Mummy was busy looking for Cockapoo mentions but didn’t find any! But they had part of me – Maltese!I think if they mentioned Cockapoos, they would have to do all the posisble poodle crosses so as not to leave out anyone! LOL! They would need a whole new staircase.

On leaving I saw the other side of the welcoming sign – And showed Mummy that there’s part Darcy here! 🙂

May’s comment: Most cafes named after dogs usually is just a name and some token gesture but this was a full blown effort to justify it’s name!

We were at the White Dog Cafe at 3420 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104. There are two others. They are all about local, seasonal and sustainable food –  and it was a fun place to be in especially as dog lovers. Lovely find. Thank you Swee Lim!


  1. Cheryl

    All I can say is wow!

  2. Chris Banks

    That’s great! I’ve never been there, but I don’t live too far from it. I will have to check it out! Thanks for sharing. Also, good to know that our doggies can’t go inside.

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