Means of transportation

Seriously, Mummy?” I asked.

Yes, darling. Places to go and people to see. So let’s get going!” Mummy responded with great delight. She thinks I look cute in it!

Mummy’s been shopping for strange and wonderful things that she can’t find in the UK. And this is one of them.

Besides that, bags are in order for our travels.SleepyPod Air for all planes and trainsOur Mungo & Maud Pod bag for “just in case” situation when shopping – we really didn’t need it as most of the retail shops were happy to see me.

But I was very envious of Nikko’s stroller especially walking along the streets of NYC – to which Mummy said, “No stroller!!!

Mummy’s looking for a solution for my panting in cars and cabs.
May’s comment: I haven’t walked out with George in the Ruff-it backpack because I think I will be stopped all the time – he looked so cute in it. Bought it for use when I have Darcy and George and we’re off to somewhere busy and crowded – this might come in pretty useful. LOL! Only thing is if I have the guts to do so.





  1. Danielle De Napoli

    He does look adorable in there

  2. Jill Keiser

    He can’t jump out, can he?

  3. Morag Weedlun

    My Cavapoo is 6lbs. She loves to sniff around when we first arrive cç festivals, rummage sales, or busy streets, but after ten minutes, she’s much happier in her backpack. She feels safe and secure away from all those trampling feet.

    I love following your journeys. Is the a specific reason you are travelling here?

    • Miss Darcy

      We here for a friend’s photography exhibition that is tomorrow night and thought to bring George along. Darcy came with me four years ago.

  4. Chrissy

    My cavapoo loves his Ruff-it! I was trying to include a pic of him in it, but it won’t let me add it.

    • Miss Darcy

      How heavy is your cavapoo and what size did you get? I don’t think I can put Darcy in one. LOL!

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