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Georgie has doggles! 
IMG_9937He looks too cool!IMG_9939His doggles have fancy design on the sides …

May’s comment: Doggles ILS (TM) are protective eyewear for dogs. Not quite sure if this works! They are supposed to protect his eyes but when I put them on, he closes them! Maybe he will get used to them.

I looked into doggles only because someone mentioned to me that dogs should protect their eyes especially when they put their heads out the window in a moving car. Not sure about that but think George looks cool in them! LOL!IMG_9938Doggles for dogs are eyewear designed for dogs – to protect them from the sun’s harmful rays or from wind and debris, They are 100%UV block, shatter proof and anti-fog. Sounds like my ski goggles.

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  1. Alison Mullett

    “Too cool for School” George! ?

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