Out for a walk

The sun’s out and we’re going for a walk …10649432_995152960501960_1912123083400315734_nWhich way are we going? We’re going in all different directions.10494849_995152240502032_3339111151917228190_n Whoa! Why are you breaking into a run?  I have to be ahead of you.10687203_995152133835376_5154062496589387765_nAre you bored already?1010486_995152500502006_4201595283818850308_n Awww, isn’t that sweet? Pristine white dog in the country.10405299_995152273835362_5606735759762761933_n


  1. Annie phillips

    Please could you let me know when your next big dog walk is scheduled in Hyde park as Stanley our 10 month old Cockerpoo would love to join you.


    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Annie, the next one will be the 12th October and then we have a cockpaoo Halloween event on the 26th Oct at Gaucho Hampstead. I will be announcing it this Sunday so we hope you will come to that one too. It’s hilariously fun.

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