Meet up at MeatUp!

London is a lot more dog-friendly than most people realise and we are very lucky to live in a neighbourhood that is particularly so.  We have seen more and more signage like this.  And now, we have found three more to add to our Wine and Dine list!

MeatUp is a new grill in Chelsea serving thick and juicy steaks – the classic rib eye, fillet, sirloin and rump as well as lesser-known cuts such as tomahawks, deckles and barnsley chops. Of course they don’t only serve meats – so vegetarians can also bring their dogs along to enjoy a meal!  
351 Fulham Rd, Chelsea, London SW10 9TW

Hache Burger – Fab burgers! Smart eatery with a menu of gourmet burgers, including Scotch beef, chicken and vegetarian versions.It has changed hands recently. They didn’t allow dogs in before but their rules have changed and “well-behaved” dogs are welcome – probably seated at the front of the restaurant. 329-331 Fulham Road, London SW10 9QL

Orecchino Italian – We know Italians love dogs, So it is not a surprise that on our Wine and Dine list, the most extensive list by cuisine is Italian. And here’s another!And we like their attitude!154 Fulham Road, London SW10 9PR

May’s comment: Enjoy! If you know other dog friendly restaurants we haven’t been to yet!



  1. Daniel Hall

    Something appears to be missing.

  2. Daniel Hall

    Everything’s fine now with this blog. I would be very careful eating steaks around dogs! I know from experience they love that human food.

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