Hi there! I’m Millie and I go to work with my daddy sometimes. I sit in the front well of the taxi quietly. And no one would even know I am there. But the other day, my daddy told me there would be “two clean gorgeous, beautiful, well-behaved dogs who do not moult, and travel often in taxis in London and all around the continent.” I got really excited.

So when my daddy stopped to pick them up, I jumped up to see – But alas, there was only a hooman. She was most excited to see me popping up to say hello!.

Even my daddy was disappointed not to have met the “two non-moulting gorgeous and beautiful dogs.”  That was the reason my daddy hurriedly drove over to pick them up!

May’s comment:  What a lovely surprise that was to see that little face!

We love London’s Black Cabs – 95% of them would never mind taking a dog. A few of those would be fussy where they sit – understandable. In the seven years as a dog owner, I’ve been turned down maybe five times at most by a London Black Cab – and we take a lot of them.

We use the MyTaxi and Gett Taxi Apps mostly – and yesterday was a very good reason to have done so. I had left my phone in the cab – twice now in two months. And the other day I left my entire bag at my client’s. Whether edging towards 60 was the reason or someone asked me – “Are you in love?” No, not with a human that I know of, just forgetfulness that comes with age. 🙂

But twice now because I was using one of those Apps, I could track down the driver and managed to get the phone back. Yesterday, after having realised I’ve left it in the cab, by now I am so calm about these things – again, maybe its an age thing, I managed to get another MyTaxi on the way home. I told the current driver what had happened and from there he took over. He asked for my number to call. I had already done so but it went straight to Voice Mail which made me suspicious. But this time it rang and the person who answered was the previous cab driver. So cab driver to cab driver, they spoke and the end result, the current cab driver got all the info – and of course he knew exactly how to get to the address in Hammersmith. And the phone was handed safely back to me. Why do I love Black Cabs? Here’s another reason. Thank you.P.S. We are not a commercial site, we don’t get paid nor sponsored for what we write about – purely personal experiences from living our daily lives, and sharing them with you! In this case, I would be delighted if either taxi company made us their mascot!!! I’m about to get free bus and train passes in a year so a taxi pass (LOL!) would complete the travel requirement!


  1. Juli

    This is adorable! Always love finding a taxi that doesn’t snub our two doodles too!

  2. Julie James

    Love black cabs! I have to mention here the guy whose cab I got in with Barnaby, George and Darcy who firstly got out to greet them all. Then he kept asking me all their names… obviously he fell in love with George who was sitting on my lap! He was in tears telling me his dog had been put down the previous week ? He said he’d have all our dogs again at the drop of hat and that they were so much better behaved than some of the humans he’d had!

    …and then there was the black cab driver who started an Instagram account for his dog after meeting Barnaby! ???

  3. Cheryl

    Black cabs are quintessentialy London! What a wonderful story, I’m glad you got everything returned.
    I don’t believe your forgetfulness is age related, you are so busy and have so many things on your mind!

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