Millie’s last 24 hours – STOP PUPPY TRADING

Sometimes when Mummy sits in front of her computer, she gets really upset. Today was one of those days and she told us about Millie.

On the morning of Friday, 8 January 2016, Michael was out walking when his dogs found something interesting in the fields – and wouldn’t come back when called. He went over to see what had interested them and saw a shivering bundle of fur who was in a very bad way. Michael took a video of the dog, wrapped the bundle into a towel and took her home.


They gave her some food and water but she only took sips of water and went to lie down.

They took Millie to the vet. She had fleas and badly matted. I couldn’t have an animal, as cute as she is, living in my house with fleas. Those little creatures get everywhere and they can be so annoying! If I didn’t take her to the vets as quickly as I did, I feel like I would have had to get in touch with pest control experts arizona, for example, to get rid of them. But it didn’t get to that point. They also discovered that she was also producing milk which meant she recently had puppies. They estimated that she was only about two years old. There was nothing more they could do for her except hope that she has the will to live.

Millie spent that night with Joanne who was fostering her. And this is what Joanne shared on the Facebook page that was set up for Millie:

She spent the night curled up on a bed or on a duvet in front of a radiator. 12494301_10156377912205517_870244677_oShe had her belly rubs and kisses through the night.12528122_10156377912585517_1153984700_n The saddest thing was when she laid down she would open her legs and look for the pups to feed them. To the end she was a fantastic mum. The pups were too young to be taken from her as she was still full of milk.”

During the night, things were not going well and Joanne called Michael to say she was taking Millie back to the vets first thing in the morning. On the way, Millie took her last breath in Joanne’s arms at 9:15am yesterday morning.

We don’t know what she died of, but from what we can tell she was not properly cared for and was in a bad way when she was found. She just had puppies who were taken from her too soon. Her heart was broken. Her body was too weak to survive her ordeal. She gave up. She at least had some kindness shown to her in her last 24 hours on earth. She felt compassion, care and empathy. R.I.P. Millie – please know that not all humans are as cruel as the one you knew in your short life. Humans are supposed to be our guardians when they asked us to be their pets but sometimes they do not keep their side of the bargain. Tragedies like Millie’s happen – every day.

And we also learnt that two of her pups that were allegedly sold at “six” weeks have been PTS – they did not survive, they were taken away from their mother too soon at four weeks, and they were also infested with fleas. We do not know how many others are out there. Please help put an end to puppy trade.

We hope Millie is now reunited with at least two of her pups at Rainbow Bridge. cleverfacebookstatus4

May’s comment: Michael shared the video of finding Millie on Facebook to try to find her owner. The video and post had over 143k views – Millie had touched so many people’s hearts, so a page was created to follow the story and progress of Millie. When Millie passed away yesterday morning, the page has been changed to Justice for Millie.

Millie is to be privately cremated and have a final resting place. Joanne wrote in her post – “I see the cruelty of man to animals regularly but this has shocked me and it will stay with me forever.

Amazingly through the Facebook activities, Michael had managed to track down some of Millie’s puppies. They were too young to leave their mum. They were so poorly when sold they both had to be put to sleep, one on the same day and time of finding Millie in the field and the other the day before. Both were bought from the same man and another person had confirmed that Millie was the mum of these pups.

So let’s get “Justice for Millie” and her babies. No dog deserves to be treated like this. We know about puppy farming/illegal trading – it seems remote to us until we hear of stories like Millie’s. It is not usually dog owners who fall prey to puppy farms, it is first time owners who are not educated. Please take the time to read, share & sign the petition End Illegal Puppy Trade.

In 2013 the UK Government brought in a new law to tackle the criminal scrap metal trade in England. But now it’s puppies who are being traded like scrap with no regard for their welfare, or even if they live or die. Puppy trafficking is big business with dealers getting rich and leaving a trail of sick and dead puppies behind them. Join us in telling the UK Government that puppies are more precious than pieces of metal. Sign the petition. Please share.


Illegal puppy trading is a cruel trade – they do not regard the dogs


  1. Mary lascelles

    Rest in peace little one xx?

  2. chiara

    Run free now millie x

  3. Jill Keiser

    Oh so sad. Millie looked just like a pup of an estimated one and a half that we took in and loved dearly. He lived to be over 16 years old. Some stories can have good endings.

  4. Margaret Danks

    Bless her little heart. Run free beautiful millie and know that there are still decent loving people who will fight your corner

  5. Amy

    Poor gorgeous Millie, my heart is with you, I hope you are loved and happy where you are resting now xxx

  6. Neyra

    I hope Millie and her babies find peace and joy in Heaven. Thank God there are kind people like Michael and Joanne who help the suffering animals.

  7. Liz

    RIP dear little Millie.

  8. Christina

    Words cannot express at how upset I am reading this and seeing the videos of this poor baby… RIP Millie and may you find peace, love and comfort across rainbow bridge. A big thank you to Micheal who found her and took her home and Joanne for making her last few hours on this cruel planet worth having and for her to pass away in the arms of someone who truly wanted her for being Millie and not a puppy breeding machine. Rest in peace little one … ??????

  9. Tania Louise knell

    Run free Millie’s now ? Xx

  10. Karen

    RIP Millie xx glad you were found by Michael and your last few hours on earth were surrounded in love. This should not have happened to you and your pup sweetheart. Run free now ??

  11. Liz Lawrance

    Upset all weekend. RIP Millie. The evil people who did this will be found and punished . Thank you Michael and your wife and friend for looking after her and letting her know in her last few hours that not all humans are so disgustingly cruel. RIP ??

    • Miss Darcy

      I think it has affected so many people. Whenever I think of her shivering in the cold, my heart breaks. Wish I could have cuddled her and held her tight – for her to know the warmth of a human body. 🙁

  12. Joanne moffitt

    Rest in peace darling millie. Reunited with your babies. God bless those who showed her what real love is in her final hours. Heartbreaking xxxxx

  13. Sandra Dawson

    Millie RIP furry babe.
    Over rainbow bridge free from pain and back together with your little ones.
    Running free with all the furry kids who will look after you and your puppies.
    How anyone can be so cruel is beyond me.
    Radley the Welsh Terrier says woof woof woof.
    If you are reading this please help put a stop to these horrid, friendship people running these puppy farms. Thank you.

  14. Carol Rushton

    So very sad We have a female dog which was rescued from a puppy farm , her name is Beth ,she seems happy. But has flash backs of her treatment in a puppy farm in Ireland

  15. I pray to god that if we continue to share these sad sad story’s that justice maybe be done and they will stop puppy farming it’s cruel evil and unfair on these poor mother dogs that are breed year in and year out why are humans so emotionless in 2016 I just don’t understand PLEASE STOP IT

  16. Christine Barczak

    Why oh why, these poor dogs suffer so much to line the pockets of these inhumane morons. Puppy farming should be made illegal, about time someone stands up for these poor dogs.

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