Mister Super-Social

Crikey! This little guy loves attention.  His favourite position is on his back. He goes to greet every dog and does the “I need love” look to any human who would remotely pay him any attention.IMG_4104 IMG_4108 IMG_4111 IMG_4253IMG_4115 IMG_4125 IMG_4281 And while he’s busy doing that, I do my thing … no time to wasteIMG_4258I’m surveying the land …IMG_4240And then go on the hunt!IMG_4252 IMG_4248While that other dog is busy milking it for all it’s worth!IMG_4246I get it, he’s looking for love.  I do play with him but only for just a little while.IMG_4256May’s comment: I was told this is what rescues do – they are very loving and seeks attention. It’s been interesting to watch him.  While he’s clingy when he’s with me but when he loses focus on me, it’s almost as if he forgets I exist. He seems to take on this walk – he’s constantly searching for something – like strays do – they walk in search of getting food, getting there before other strays and begging from humans. You can see the habits from his previous life. He isn’t carefree and happy. He is working all the time.  IMG_4288

I don’t really know his background. I only know he’s a rescue from a Killing Station in Hungary. The more I get to know him I am beginning to sense that he must have been a street dog. They estimate that he’s about 18-24 months. He is very socialised with dogs and humans. He needed to be to survive.  He has learnt not to be dependent on one human but covers all bases – he would be happy to greet anyone who can give him something – food or attention. I don’t think he understands yet that he no longer has to do that.

He is definitely afraid of cars, esp buses and trucks – which further explains he was a street dog – terrified of those vehicles probably honking at him as he got in the way,

With Darcy at home, he is pushing the boundaries with her.  She tells him off when he crosses them. They compete for position and when he doesn’t get his way, i.e. sleep on her bed, he comes to me – looking to be held. She has been very patient with him and sometimes she just lets him get on with trying to gain territory. So far it’s been a peaceful transition but will be interesting to see how far he’s going to push her. It is quite sad to watch him – he and Miss D come from such different experiences and will be interesting to see how they will both come to terms with each other’s existence.

As for me, I want to hold him every time he comes to me with that face – but this is the time to set boundaries for him. To not give in to his crying whilst in the crate.  He does that for about 2 minutes and then when he realises he isn’t going to get what he wants, he just goes to sleep. He is frustrated as to why he needs to be in there while Darcy doesn’t. But this is my time with Darcy – to make her feel she still has her place. I would love to have him on the bed too and I think that would really upset the apple cart.

All very interesting – sometimes it breaks my heart when I get glimpses of what he could have experienced in his short life, but I also have to make sure Darcy isn’t overlooked.  She is for sure sulking at times. So I need to pay a bit more attention to her. Even this blog is somewhat skewed these days – but I suppose it is still a part of Miss Darcy’s Adventures. She didn’t ask for this. It’s been thrusted into her life. Will it be forever – we’ll have to see.

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  1. Maggie Danks

    He is a lovely little dog May. MissDarcy is bound to be a bit put out by his presence but given time, I am sure she would come to love him if you kept him. It’s like one of our members on here, she fretted about bringing a puppy into the house and her incumbent dog was very put out. Now we are seeing photos of them spooning and snuggling ! Good luck!

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