SEVEN transformed!

Seven of us needed to be transformed – excluding Mummy!

It was another grooming parteee!  And we had a beautiful day to do that.IMG_0371First things first – a little romping around the garden to release energy! IMG_0512 So happy that the sun was out … IMG_0517And even Mummy enjoyed being outside –IMG_0766New to our grooming parties is Bear
IMG_0364He’s a seven month old cockapoo in our neighbourhood and he needed a shave 🙁IMG_0373 But he seemed quite happyIMG_0374And they managed to save his legs and face.IMG_0388 All done …IMG_0389Bear’s hair is more poodle than mine so he’s a lot more curly and poofy!

Georgie gave his seal of approvalIMG_0391Next was another white fluff ball, Ted, a Coton de Tuléar …IMG_0419 Poor Ted, George didn’t like himIMG_0427Here’s Georgie before …IMG_0437During … he enjoys grooming, think it’s the attention he likes but he also likes being all clean and handsome.IMG_0471 A happy, handsome George.IMG_0483Jaffa was well, a bit scruffy …IMG_0348But she cleaned up beautifully!
IMG_0500See how pretty she looked after her groom.IMG_0511And she sat in the sun with Mummy and GeorgeIMG_0504And mop top me needed a cut badly!IMG_0411But a bath first …IMG_0495Bufoon head Charlie did not get a groom but he got a trim off his top so he did not look like a middle aged ladyIMG_0772 (1)Last but not least was Marley.IMG_0499 Gorgeous Marley – look at those ears!IMG_0786From all of us doggies – we say thank you Marley for letting us come to your grooming party!IMG_0531 May’s comments: Thank you Yaena for hosting yet another grooming party! It was so much fun!


  1. Jill Keiser

    Those grooming parties do look like a lot of fun, and everyone looks great when they’re over! When you only have 12.5 % poodle in you like Gina, you don’t need grooming — at least not to that degree. She does like to be brushed!

  2. Laura Cordovano

    My dogs always get frisky after grooming. They like being clean a d fluand smelling so nice. Poor Emma has both boys hot on her tail. They.look so great

    • Laura Cordovano

      *clean and fluffy.

      Your doggies all look so great and that George steals my heart every time!

  3. Alison Mullett

    Wow! What wonderful transformations!!! A grooming party is a lovely idea!

  4. Sally Wright

    Me too I love Georgie… What breed is he please May?? x

    • Miss Darcy

      George is a mutt!!! But a very handsome one. Through DNA testing I found out he has maltese (his hair and ears), shih-tzu (he has half a protruding jaw – LOL!) and a Yorkshire terrier. So he’s a mixture of small dogs and has a small dog syndrome!

  5. Cheryl

    What an incredible idea and how fun. They all look so good. Our scruffy goldendoodle goes in Friday for his “spa” day. He’ll be cut short for the summer. Between the heat and the pool, he needs to be short. I do love the fluffly/shaggy look though.

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