Should I stay or should I go?

One more week to make up our minds, but Mummy and I were wondering if the Referendum will affect our travels to Europe if the UK exits the EU.

We don’t think leaving the EU will affect our transportation rights because the Pet Passport is not just for Europe but also other countries, e.g, the U.S. and Canada.  Besides it was really for the UK.  We are the ones who are concerned about rabies coming to our shores. On the continent, animals/pets cross borders everyday and they do not need passports to travel.  Hmm. That sound about the same as humans criss-crossing the continent without border control.

It’s all been so confusing – so many opinions, so much scaremongering, so many unknowns.

But we have our Poll card and we’re going to vote on the 23rd June.  IN or OUT?  Undecided.IMG_9021The other thing Mummy is concerned with is that if a certain person becomes the President of that big country across the pond and if we vote to EXIT and should the former Mayor of London become Prime Minister – we have a worldwide hair problem!

They both have hairstyles that resembles mine! However, I’m allowed to be floppy.  But they both are in need of a hairstylist.

I can recommend my groomer. 🙂

May’s comment: A friend visiting said the other day, “London is the only English-speaking city where English is not understood.” Had to laugh. Not completely true but I know what she meant.

It is wonderful and dynamic to have so many nationalities, such diverse culture and race. They bring an added dimension. It’s not about immigration that’s worrying, because I know many hard-working immigrants who contribute to the British economy.  But it’s about losing control of our borders and our national security that is scary.  It’s also about the uncertainty of what happens to the economy if we exit. But does leaving the EU means the government will plough the money back into our NHS, and will they also manage to stop the abuse?

We are already IN the EU.  There is a reason or reasons why there is a Referendum.  How did we get to this state of affairs where we are re-thinking about our decision? It doesn’t help when certain individuals adopt scare tactics to get our votes. Losing respect with every statistic they throw out there.

If OUT, there will be a period of unknown when we will scramble to make adjustments.  What happens after the initial overhaul?  If not for Boris and Nigel, the decision might be easier.

Is Britain strong enough to stand on its own? Yes, of course.

Is Britain strong enough to be a part of the EU? Yes, of course, but spending a lot of time negotiating with other members about everything.

Should we gain control of our own destiny? Yes.

Should we be a part of a union that seems to be crumbling anyway, led by an unelected government who has not dealt with security issues on their own soil, nor the massive humanity disaster of migrants and a disastrous Euro.

Or should we stay status quo and work out the issues from within?  No one seems to talk about the things that can potentially happen to us if we stay – uncontrolled immigration, lose border control, binding contracts …, etc, etc, etc.

But maybe there are other countries considering, and looking at how the UK will handle our EXIT and follow suit.

There are no definite answers  – just what we want to subject ourselves to.  Brave it and go it alone or be part of an ineffective union?

I am starting to believe fate is our answer.  The vote will be close. No one has assurances. Will turn up on the 23rd and go eeny-meeny-miny-moe! 🙁



  1. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Wow..very succinctly put May..decisions decisions.. Gracie says as long as it doesn’t affect her bonio rations she doesn’t mind…me, I’m like you and most of the uk and will probably take a pin with me on the 23rd…lol.xx

  2. Cheryl

    You have a tough decision, good luck!

  3. Jocelyn

    A lot of people I meet want out, I am not so sure, they will actually vote out when it comes to putting a cross on the paper at the polling station. Me? I hv no idea which way to vote.

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