Magical Morden Hall Park

Stanley, Hebe, Jaffa and I had a mini cockapoo meet-up last Wednesday in a new park that Mummy has never been to, but George and I have been there a few times with Agnes.

Hebe’s mummy, Jane suggested that we explore Morden Hall Park in south London.
Is that a proper camera, Jane? Looks like we’ll have some proper photos taken today!

There’s 120 acres of land for us to run – looks like it is going to be fun with my friends –As we were doing doodle dashes We went around these blocks …a few times over! Mummy wasn’t fast enough to turn on the video on her phone.Sweet, innocent little Jaffa Noooooo! Not so sweet any more!
Oh, Jaffa!

We can go off lead in most of it, but there are ares where we have to be on the lead.
There were bridges to cross over – yeah, George must be quite pleased he’s not with us – he doesn’t like bridges, remember?There were fallen down trees to sit onYeah, we were all a bit muddiedBut we still obliged the humans who wanted to take photos of us.
And that’s how we ended up with some lovely photos that Jane took of us.It wasn’t even tongue out Tuesday Out Tuesday but we all did it regardless, but Jaffa said she wasn’t going to do it because it was Wednesday!Jaffa and I wore our red Equafleeces – because Mummy wanted to be sure she could spot us should we get distracted. Thank goodness we did because Jaffa decided to take a swim in the River Wandle.Look at Jaffa – one wet dog except for the Equafleece.

This was our walking gang-

StanleyHebeJaffaAnd moi!Thank you Jane for the lovely photos.

May’s comment: What a lovely find. Darcy and George have been here a few times when they boarded with Agnes who brings them there. Lucky them! I just found out about it.Morden Hall Park is on the banks of the River Wandle in Morden, south London. It covers over 50ha of parkland with the River Wandle meandering through it spanned by numerous foot bridges. Aside from the Snuff Mill, the 2.5 acre Rose Garden and the Garden Centre, dogs can run to their heart’s content in over 120 acres of parkland.

At the Potting Shed Cafe where refreshments are served, dogs also have to be on the lead and outside. However, in the Spring when Stable Yard Cafe opens, dogs are allowed inside.

The Garden Centre also has a dog section for some pampering!

Morden Hall Park is under the National Trust. There are a number of historic buildings located in the park, including the Hall itself and preserved watermills where tobacco was once ground into snuff.The Garth family owned and occupied the Hall for generations. It was then occupied as a school for young gentlemen until it was sold by Sir Richard Garth to a tobacco merchant Gilliat Hatfeild in the 1870s.

During the First World Wall, Mr. Hatfield allowed the Hall to be used as a military hospital.  When his son, Gilliat Edward Hatfeild died in 1941, he left the core of the estate (including the house) to the National Trust.

There’s a section on the Morden Hall Park’s website about Dog Walking.


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    I live so close and haven’t taken Molly yet I will do this weekend after reading this review

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