Mushroom Velvets for Monday Blues

It’s been awhile since we were all together …

Monday Blues? More like Missing Monday.

This will be the fourth week that we have been apart. I have been running and being DAWG at the House of Mutt.

Dancing on tables on my NINTH birthday. I am now officially older than Mum in hooman years! – WOW!

And yes, I even got really drenched – woohoo!

I know I am having fun and enjoying every minute of being here. That’s what we’re really good at – living in the moment. I have four more days here and then I will be home with Mum. But hoomans don’t always do what we do. They think a lot more than we do.

This was the day we took George to Dorset.

Mum took lots of photos on that day because she wanted to remember the last time she saw George … she gets all sentimental. Leaving is hard.

But this time George knew where he was going and he was right! He was off to a good time!

Familiar environments

He knew he was going somewhere familiar – where there would be lots of smells and things to be curious about.

Yup! The long lead was necessary.

His darting and diving skills proved to be challenging for Jane and Christoph. RASCAL!!!

He’s in his world!!!!

Mum’s trying to figure out how to get him back. Her self-quarantine (because she was in Hokkaido, Japan and long haul flights) means she still has another week before she feels she is “free” from the virus. Then those SW trains are on strike the following week! Could they have times it better!!?!? It’ll be more than a month since we last saw him. Will he be happy to see us again? Mum does wonder.

So maybe that’s why Mum had these made of us –

Good substitute? Not quite – these Velvet Mushroom are too small to hug! LOL!

Mum, we’ll be back soon – and then you’ll be annoyed when it is raining and we have to go out. LOL!

May’s comment: When I first left them – every time I woke up, I was looking for them on the bed – I looked over to my left where Darcy always sleeps or the bottom of the bed where George sleeps – and the bed was empty.

I missed those morning cuddles with my fluffy!

I miss those coffee mornings (rather Creamy Cacao) at Juice Baby with George.

And those eyes staring at me from under the table!!!

All the times when I would get up from the desk, or table or sofa and four eyes would follow my movement. Or when I go to the bathroom and once I sit down on the toilet seat, along came the pitter patter and then two heads would peer in to look at me. George would come first and expect me to put him on my lap. And Darcy would come along and she would nudge me and ask to be stroked.

All this COVID-19 scare has delayed our reunion. We even made the SW Londoner papers! LOL!

I miss having them around but the situation is – I can’t take them out for walks. And self-quarantine means not seeing anyone. So no dog walkers could come and pick them up.

And I then read this article – Dogs Tests Positive in Hong Kong. A little paranoid, but I just wanted everyone to be safe.

I miss them but loving the Velvet Mushroom needle felted sculptures.

Thank you Julie for our Velvet Mushrooms! Love them!


  1. Liz Burman

    Don’t you just love the way newspapers feel they need to print your age!?

  2. Julie Entwistle

    Liz – often it’s how much your house is worth 🙂 Fabulous blog as usual May. Miss Darcy and George will go mad when they see you. Happy reunion x

  3. Julie

    Oh my goodness, how sad but very sensible. So glad my mini D&G are a reminder of the lovely times you will have when you are all reunited. x


    Lovely photos. You will all be together very soon, not long now, keep your chins up, feeling excited to see your reunion, loving thoughts. Cheerio for now.

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