Mum spent two weeks in self-isolation and honestly, I think she really enjoyed it!

We were wondering what’s happened – our staycation whether at House of Mutt

or in Dorset – we stayed a lot longer than expected.

But I am on my way home today – but not back home yet, but spending the weekend with Mac and Maisy because Mum’s self-isolation doesn’t end till Sunday.

But we’re getting close. And in the meantime – the Mini-Me and Mini-George are keeping her company.

Mum’s message – Self-isolation can be productive and a good downtime!

May’s comment:You poor thing” and “Are you going stir-crazy?” were constant comments when I mentioned I was in self-quarantine after returning from Japan.

It was my choice as I felt there was a social responsibility to just be a little cautious – especially after hearing how on person came back from Singapore infected and unknowingly spread it to five others when he went on to a skiing trip. I didn’t want to be the next Super Spreader. I had been on several long haul flights, was in Tokyo just when the virus was spreading there and then I was in Hokkaido for half that time – where more than a quarter of the Corona virus infected individuals came from the region.

But I was also taking advantage of the uncertainty to buckle down and do some overdue writing, ongoing projects that never seem to have the time to finish, clearing the desk/filing and further Marie-kondoing!

But I needed to eat. I had deliveries from Waitrose – yes, bought lots of Andrex Puppy on a Roll toilet paper – not for hoarding but it’s not fun needing to remember to replace stock when I don’t usually go to the supermarket.

I had a FaceTime cooking session with Yaena learning to do simple but delicious recipes. And friends sent easy menus for me to try. My dishwasher was used more than ever before. All the pots and pans came out of hiding!

Deliveroo was also very handy – and I took comfort with the fact that they often came helmeted with face masks, gloved and fully clothed from head to toe. And not because they knew I was in self-isolation. LOL! After ten days, I gave in being just good and ordered Matcha Velvet Cake!!!

I shopped online … besides Waitrose groceries, batteries on Amazon (inconveniently, the label maker ran out of power), three missing side plates that I have been meaning to buy in order to complete my dinner set, new Birkenstocks for the summer, pyjamas and even a blouse all the way from Sydney, Australia! LOL! Oh, I needed a refill bottle for the Hibiscrub hand wash (used my surgeons!!!) that didn’t go with the bathroom decor!!! LOL! x 2

Thanks to Anne, I got to watch Season 4 of This is Us – and still rewatching Seasons 1-3! Because I was binge watching through the night the first time around, and inevitably fell asleep during parts of it – so at times it was like watching it for the first time.

My cleaner wasn’t allowed to come either. And no handy man – so those I look forward to welcoming back.

Some friends and neighbours have picked up a few things for me and left them by the front door.

Thank you Rosaline.

The double door system came in handy.

But I do miss my dogs. I couldn’t have them back for several reasons. Self-isolation includes pets. If I were infected and they are with me at close proximity, sleeping on the same bed, and cuddling them, we don’t know if that could be transmitted.

There is one case of a dog in Hong Kong with corona virus.

As I could not go out to walk them, there was no way to have them back. And even if I had dog walkers during the day, there is a possibility that they could be transmitting the virus if I had it to them.

But they had fun with their friends.

The two weeks have flown by. I could easily use another week to finish all the things still on my list of to do list. Self-quarantine is the responsible thing to do if you have indeed travelled from high-risk zones. If you are unwell, then contact emergency services. If you are just being precautious, then make the most of it! Solitude is good for the soul – and can be very productive.


  1. Cheryl

    I’m so glad you are virus free, I would think you would know by now if you were infected.
    I have a feeling your reunion with Darcy and George is going to be over the top exciting!
    Take Care

  2. Cheryl

    Oops, meant to add, let’s hope Darcy remembers how to be a city dog!??

  3. Laura

    You have been on my mind during this whole thing knowing you were traveling. Good for you for going into quarantine. The dogs look great but I’m sure you kiss them terribly. Be well May. Xo

  4. Valerie

    May – you have been on my heart and mind these past weeks! Glad you are doing well and getting so much done. Soon the three of you will be back together – ready for new adventures.

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