New mode of transport to get Malaysian food

Mum had a craving for Laksa – a Malaysian food noodle dish.

We had been to Gopal’s Corner at the Market Hall in Victoria for some Malaysian food a few weeks ago

– that was before George came home. But these days we have George being carried or in a buggy. That poses a few problems when we go to busy places and we must also take into consideration if there are elevators and buggy accessibility.

With that in mind, Mum determined for a Malaysian binge, she remembered the backpack that she had bought for George for our travels. And off we went.

We didn’t find an elevator even though there must be one.

They definitely put emphasis on the Malaysian for sure!

After ordering her Laksa and some Lamb Murtabak we found a table to sit at. Market Hall is like a food court – with lots of different food stalls.

George seems quite happy – maybe happy to see other hoomans besides Mum 24/7!

Mum was lucky that the lovely women at the next table were enamoured by George –

And me.

One of them was actually considering getting a cockapoo! Hoped I helped with their decision making.

The ladies volunteered to hold George while Mum went to collect her food

Mum caught them taking photos of George LOL!

She was particularly grateful to them for holding George while she feasted on her bowl of Laksa.

Looks spicy Mum. And she went – Yum Yum

Like us, Mum is food driven! LOL! When Mum has a food craving she will move mountains to get it … in this case – George.

May’s comment:

Having to wheel George around in a buggy makes me think twice before going anywhere. My appreciation for the world of mum and buggies has escalated. Through the process I have met some of the most considerate people and some of the most ignorant.

Back to food cravings. Ruby, a Malaysian friend had been telling me about Gopal’s Corner for months before I finally made it a couple of weeks ago – but we were in such a rush, I gorged the laksa. I suddenly had a craving yesterday and thought of how I could go to the Market Hall with Darcy AND George. Of course I could have left him at home – he has been really quite good about staying in the crate by himself. But I didn’t want to. So we took out the backpack as the next mode of transportation. I was a bit worried about his leg. He can bend it just that he cannot put weight on it for long and no jarring movements. So off we went! And not disappointed.

And we love the fact that we have found another Asian dining place we can go with our dogs. They are hard to come by but at least now we have Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Thai and Japanese! Think there’s a Vietnamese but haven’t been yet. Check out our Wine & Dine listing.

Gopal’s Corner at Market Hall Victoria – Authentic Malaysian Tamil cuisine at the Market Hall. Gopal’s Corner is part of Roti King which is not dog friendly but because Gopal’s Corner is located at the dog-friendly Market Hall, we’re able to enjoy laksa, roti canai, rending and the other hawker foods. Market Halls Victoria, 191 Victoria St, London SW1E 5NE

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  1. Cheryl

    Oh the things we do to satisfy our cravings! I’m sure George loved the attention and change of scenery.
    I’m so glad you posted about this market, it will be a great place to bring our grandkids to eat when we visit in June.We should be able to find something these picky teenagers will eat and enjoy at the market.

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