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Has it been five years since George made us a Family of Three?

Never a dull moment with that George. He teaches us how to navigate life through his eyes.

To celebrate George’s GOTCHA DAY, his poo friends got together for one of our favourite meals, well, really the hooman’s – Afternoon Tea. But this time it was not your quintessential cream tea. We went to Cinnamon Bazaar in Covent Garden.

We love their colourful trolley!

For an Indian infused Afternoon Tea.

And George even got his own “cupcake”

Thank you Mac and Maisie – for George’s “cupcake”

May’s comment: Celebrating with Afternoon Tea with some of our closest friends at Cinnamon Bazaar.

Julie and Barnaby, Belinda and Freddie, Me with George and Darcy, Sam, Lisa with Mac and Maisie

Thank you Cinnamon Bazaar for accommodating us – their first with six dogs!

Thank you Sam, for coming in to see us.

Thank you George for making us all love a little bit more – because no one can resist you.

On the day of the Scottish Referendum five years ago – we met this little guy. I thought to name him Hamish, which would suit him quite well – I thought. But we believe in a United Kingdom, so instead, I decided he should be named after “their” future King. LOL!

Actually, truth be told, he’s named after another George. His salt and pepper hair, his soft brown eyes and his engaging personality. Guess who was his namesake.

Happy Gotcha Day, George – I think you got me.

P.s. We still love their tea pots!


  1. Cheryl

    Happy Gotcha Day, or should I say Happy Failed Foster Day! Either way, George has won hearts everywhere!?❤️?


    Happy gotcha day little man. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since little Bobo, HWHNN came into our lives, albeit vicariously. Sending much love, from Maggiedog and I ?❤️?❤️

  3. Sara Cormack

    Happy Gotcha Day George, Big hug from Sara and huge licks from Lola and Colette xxx

  4. Liz Burman

    Happy Gotcha day little Georgie.?❤️❤️

  5. Tracey Lennon

    Aw what a happy day! So glad you got each other that day. Love Tracey & Sydney xx

  6. Eppie Giles

    Happy Gotcha Day.
    I love reading about your adventures.

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