My Turn

There was no George for the last two and a half days. It was just me and Mum.

On our last day together … for two whole weeks, plans didn’t go as planned. We couldn’t have a last walk in Kensington Gardens because they closed all the Royal Parks due to Storm Ciara.

We did venture out to our morning ritual at Juice Baby and felt the storm.

We had a movie date at Picturehouse Fulham Road – and thought it to be a safe place to be.

We saw The Personal History of David Copperfield.

We braved the ongoing winds and went on to do some shopping for the kiddies – that’s why Mum is leaving us.

We went out for our last dinner date for two weeks at Lucio. Mum knew I love the grissinis they give us …

This is how fast I would eat it!

It was still very windy when we walked home after dinner and happy to get in safely. Earlier in the day Mum saw a table flying off a roof terrace on the way to the cinema. She said if she had a camera she would have captured the table being held up in the air for two seconds before it came crashing down!!!! Thank goodness we were across the street and no one was beneath it. It was quite a strange day.

Last night I was watching Mum’s every move before we went to bed and as soon as she went under the covers, I jumped up and snuggled close.

Basically, we shared a pillow …

And this is us this morning.

I woke up and Mum turned me over and gave me lots of tummy rubs … I know Mum doesn’t usually jump out of bed in the mornings but today, I had lots of kisses and me time.

Sometime in the morning after we’ve been up and out and about, THE bag came out.

And I know what it means. I am going away to a place I love.

I can smell my food in there.

But I was feeling a bit torn. I love where I am going but it also means Mum is leaving me. I was feeling a bit confused, and uncertain abut how I should feel. So Mum held me close and told me she loves me and will miss me A LOT. I know she is going to see the kiddies – that is about the only time she doesn’t take me or George with her because they live very far away. Wonder if Impostor gets to go this time.

I know the kiddies mean a lot to her too.

The door bell rang and I didn’t bark. I greeted Andrew from the House of Mutt with wagging tail but I didn’t want Mum to see I was too excited. I didn’t want her to think I was happy to leave her.

Mum handed my leash and my bag to Andrew – and off we went. I glanced back at Mum …

I love you! Even though goodbye doesn’t mean forever, it isn’t easy.

May’s comment: Darcy looked a little torn this morning. She saw the bag that she associates with House of Mutt. When the door bell rang, she usually barks but she didn’t this time because she knew Andrew had come to pick her up – and she’ll be at the place she loves best after home.

Her tail was wagging but she wasn’t super excited. She kept looking back at me – as if to say I am excited but I am also sad to leave you. At all other times, she would usually resist leaving but not when she knows she is going to the House of Mutt.

So unlike George! LOL! He couldn’t wait to go running in the fields!


  1. MaryLesa O’Connor

    So beautiful ♥️

  2. Cheryl

    Safe Travels! Have fun with Sasha and mini-Tyke!


    That has so pulled at my heart strings. I know you will all be more than O.K. once you have arrived at your destinations. Have wonderful holidays, and you will have such fantastic reunions. Parting is su
    ch sweet sorrow, but you will all be in good hands and lovely companions to share your hols. Cheerio for now xxx

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