Staying out of the storm

So we went to the cinema!

They were showing The Personal History of David Copperfield starring Dev Patel. We had bought our tickets way ahead of the day – so we didn’t have to wait in line to buy them.

We were the first to be seated. We knew the drill. Blanket over the seat.

But Mum had to have pop-corn so she told me to sit and wait …

Mum: And she did!!!!

There were lots of other doggies …

When the lights dimmed and everyone was watching the movie, I had other plans …

I love popcorn! LOL!

The hoomans enjoyed the movie and we enjoyed being with them.

And we stayed out of the storm!

May’s comment: Picturehouse Central started the trend of dog screening a few years ago and we have enjoyed it every time. A PictureHouse cinema recently opened up in Chelsea – very, very close to where we live. Hooray! And their manager is 100% behind dog-screenings! And so it goes …

Today was the second of such an event – and there will be planned monthly screenings. We will help to announce the films when the tickets go on sale!

Dogs are given a blanket to sit on –

There were treats and water bowls. At the start some dogs (we know who) barked and barked but when the lights dimmed, they all calmed down and besides the occasional bark, we all enjoyed the film.

The next showing will most likely be 8th March – date and film tbd.

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