Film debut at the MO

This was back in April when I went for my first film shoot at the lovely Mandarin Oriental in London.

I’ve done a good number of photoshoots but this was new to me.

Let’s get going …

I was escorted to the Penthouse Floor where the shoot was taking place.

Into the elevator –

And arrived at the scene of where things were happening.

After saying hello to the crew, Mum and I waited to be called. There was a lot of waiting around till it’s my turn, so I sat and caught up with blogging.

And then they called my name!

First scene required me to jump up on the bed where Mr. and Mrs were having breakfast in bed. I did not need any directing. No one needed to tell me what to do. I found my way around the bed and leapt right up to join the party!

I immediately got into the role.

They thought I was being cuddly but I had my eye on something delicious.

As they reached for the croissant – I happily took it!

I thought that was what I was suppose to do. Not sure why I had everyone in stitches!

Yum! Yum! This acting – easy peasy. And I really didn’t mind doing several takes.

The next scene was different. There was no food involved –

and I had to sit next to the girl who played “the daughter” –

as she pretended to play the trombone

– the key word is “pretend” – otherwise I wouldn’t know if I could sit still listening to the racket she would have been making.

That wasn’t so much fun. We went downstairs to the lobby for my third scene.

More waiting.

This time it was an action shot.

Here I played the role of the dog in residence – the hotel staff was taking me out for walks in the park nearby.

That was a quick and easy scene. I like walkies and I knew it was not the time to pee nor poo! LOL!

The last and final scene which was the absolute best!!!! I was filmed being served.

First take, plate on the floor.

Er, aren’t you suppose to lift the cover?

I am very good at getting to any food but this will take me awhile.

Now you’re putting the plate on the table?

Er, kinda difficult to eat like this.

Hurry up! Lift the cover.

Yes, I think sitting on a chair was more dignified.

I could smell something good in there.

I am poised for action …

ACTION!!!! Lift the cover!

And I ate everything on the plate for every take

– except the parsley.

They definitely left the best to the last.

And it was a wrap!

After all that eating, I needed a rest.

Ahhh, all good things must come to an end.

Thank you for a fabulous first film shoot. Time to sign up at the Academy?

May’s comment: Got a call – can Darcy be available to be part of a Mandarin Oriental Resident’s film shoot. Yes, of course! The day of shoot was good and we had no other plans.

So off we went for our first film shoot. We’ve done photo shoots quite a few times before so this was different and I had all my fingers crossed that Darcy will preform. And she did.

It was so perfect for her. I didn’t need to tell her what to do – she knew! LOL! She ate her way through the day! To be fair, there were two scenes where there was no food. She sat as she was told and she ran down the front steps as she was expected to. I wasn’t in any of the scenes and they directed her.

You can watch this also on Mandarin Oriental’s website Lifestyle page.

Thanks, Adelina for trusting Darcy to deliver. We enjoyed it. As you know, we are fans!


  1. Sian Widner

    Darcy was wonderful!!!! A natural!

  2. Jill Keiser

    Next time maybe Darcy will be opposite Brad Pitt! She is great at acting!

  3. Sara Cormack

    You are meant to be in the Penthouse Darcy!

  4. Adelina Wong Ettelson

    a star is born! Delighted to introduce @missdarcyadventures as a well-behaved fan! Seven cans of dog food later, still no shot. However, she was a pro! Thank you for being part of the Residences brand shoot

    • Miss Darcy

      Thank you Aunty Ad! I loved the food! It was the most satisfying experience ever! But then I wouldn’t have expected less from MO. Mum said of course there’s a shot – need to look at it from a dog owner’s perspective – LOL!

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