New Living Arrangement?

A new pad? On the patio? Seriously really?Ok. I can use this as a shade from the sun …And there’s even room fro share with George …But this is NOT my our new living arrangement, correct?

Apparently, we’re not the only cockapoos with new abodes …

Rusty’s mosaic tile kennel called Puppy Love was created by Florida artist Stephanie Ong.Rusty’s mummy who does window boxes of course made sure Rusty had a flower pot by his kennel. 🙂

Barnaby almost had this one – titled “If You’ll Excuse Me (It’s Me-Time)” – very appropriately title, but Julie decided to donate it to Blue Cross … Barnaby, does that mean you’re not camping out like us?

And of course Freddie had this exquisite 3D mosaic Pooch Palace! 

We got the one called “Untitled” but its very special. The dog sculpture is built by Serena de la Hey best known for her 40-foot high Willow Man near Bridgwater.  And the kennel is made from more than 500 meters of willow was built by Coates English Willow.George tried out this one – “The Egg” by Bruce Oldfield and FT Architects, but we call it “The One That Got Away” …It would look so good in the office.

May’s comment: I had bidded for this absolutely beautiful kennel at the recent BowWow Haus Auction. It was in aid of Blue Cross for Pets – a registered animal welfare charity in the United Kingdom, founded in 1897.

When Julie decided to donate what would have been Barnaby’s kennel, they invited us to visit the Blue Cross Animal Hospital in Victoria, London – sans dogs.

We had the priviledge of going on a tour and was so impressed by what we saw.We saw some dental work being carried out!This is the post-surgery recovery roomThe x-ray roomLike many surgeries, the staff has to wear these white clogs!And we got to see the operating theatre – in action!But unlike human hospitals, there are quite a few muzzles hanging about! LOL!And then we saw something super special! New born kittens who have not even opened their eyes yet.Each one about half the palm of my hand.  And this little one was coming towards me!!!  How do you think Darcy and George would react to this little kitty?Blue Cross is an animal charity who have been helping sick, injured and homeless pets since 1897.  They assist those who cannot afford to provide care and help for their pets.  They rely solely on donations. The hospital is at Sheppard House, 1-5 Hugh St, Pimlico, London SW1V 1QQ

We’re so proud that all the cockapoo owners who were at the auction – took home a kennel!

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  1. Kathy Shoulders

    That is wonderful May! So happy there is a place like that there. And it looks so clean!

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