Where’s the Bride and Groom?

Mummy said there’s love in the air. 

We were at the park and thought to head over to Kensington Palace where the Bride-n-Groom-to-be lives – to sniff out the love!That’s Barnaby and me wearing our royal wedding bandanas from Peach and Pooch, George wearing a Union Jack neckerchief from EdwynUK and Jaffa and Charlie spotting theirs from Teddy Maximus – Harry & Meghan neckerchiefs

Well, it was an effort, to say the least, to get some of us to sit in a row (eye roll). Charlie wasn’t particularly elegant with his skinny legs splayed all over the place.  LOL!And look at patrolling George – it was seconds before he spotted a big dog and ran off chasing it. Then Jaffa thought George wanted to play. But we managed. We even had several versions:

First, tongue-out Then tongue inAll this just for an Instagram post – much to the amusement of the onlookers.They wanted pics of us too! 🙂I think Mummy and Julie were exhausted walking five of us, and needed to re-charge – and a good excuse to check out the Serpentine Sackler new restaurant – Chucs.Yes, that’s the building that we once thought was a spaceship that landed in the park.

There was seating outside but they suggested we could sit at the tables by the window. Gladly, we went in. WOW! So this is what its like inside a Zaha Hadid building.

We were all bit knackered from all that posing.Tired JaffaTired CharlieUntil the food arrived!We didn’t get anything because our hoomans were super hungry but Mummy managed to drop her pasta on my head and I ended up with a stain on my head but I got to eat the piece of pasta. Yup, I can confirm it was delicious!

The hoomans were talking about who’s going to walk the bride down the aisle, when Charles sat up and said, I will.” And very appropriate too, Charles.

We tried to take a group photo in front of this architectural masterpiece.  Charlie? In your own time?There’s always one in the pack. LOL!May’s comment: We’ve visited the other two Chucs Restaurants – in Notting Hill and Mayfair, and its fab to find such a good, quality restaurant in the park. There’s outside seating but we were also allowed to sit inside, near the window. 

And there’s also a Chucs Restaurant inside Harrods but no dogs allowed! 🙁



  1. Cheryl

    Love your photos of “The Group”!
    We will definitely be watching the wedding, though we will have to set our alarms for 4am, ugh!

  2. Gigi

    Your pictures of your beautiful pups in front of the palace are adorable, especially Charlie with the splayed legs. I have my precious Mrj. Darcy, a black Austrailian Labradodle ❤️ We will both be watching the wedding!

  3. Lucca

    Surprised Darcy and George were not invited to the wedding. !!!

  4. Oh! Look at these adorable pooches! I went back and saw their pictures again and i’m still not satisfied. I wish I had so many dogs so that I could cuddle around all day. The bandanas look really cute on them. Thanks for sharing this adorable post. This made my day!

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