The first time ever I saw your face

This was me at 8 weeks old.

This was what Mummy saw when she found me on the website. She didn’t know anything about getting a puppy.

Her friends said – she’s got large paws – she’s going to be BIG!

Not that BIG, I turned out to be average.

Her sister asked her – why does she have a frown on her forehead?

Confused about the world? LOL! It was just the way our hair was growing. Our hairline, maybe.

About four weeks later, on the 16th May 2011, when I was twelve weeks old, and looking “fluffier” – I arrived at my new home and I met my hooman Mummy.And that was the same day, I met Little Tyke
We had quite a few things in common then – We both liked chewing things and we got around on all fours!I’ve grown and so has he – except now he walks on two legs. We both don’t chew on anything except to consume.

So today, Mummy celebrates my GOTCHA DAY! Happy me! Happy Mummy!

May’s comment: All these photos were taken on the 16th May, 2011 – the day when the three of us became a “Trio”I never thought I could love this much – a little dog with a furry face, long eyelashes, brown eyes that spoke volumes with the most expressive eyebrows and a button black nose.Happy Gotcha Day, Darcy!

Thank you for tolerating all my follies and my inadequacies. But I know not another who could love me so unconditionally and so fully.

And to think I almost did not get you.

I was re-reading my initial communication with Darcy’s breeder. I saw some really cute puppies on their website and asked about them – plus this apricot puppy called “Socks” but was then changed to Milo.  I wanted “a sweet, not so hyper dog,” I wrote.  She suggested I go with the English Cocker Spaniel.

I wanted boys because “someone told me boys are more loyal and protective, that they make better lap dogs.” Nay! She said I should go for a girl.  She said there’s a sweet girl called Lulu.

Someone else told me I was daft to get a boy because they cock their legs. So I listened and asked to reserve “Lulu.”

I still wasn’t sure. I asked her breeder – “when I go to collect her, can I change my mind and take one of the boys instead?” I really wanted a Mr. Darcy.  She laughed, “Sorry, honey. The two boys have been spoken for.” Oh well, I guess she’s mine now.

So that was how Darcy came into my life.  But you didn’t have me at “hello” – I was bewildered!  But your funny little ways taught me to open up my heart to a crazy love that I’ve never known before!

We were meant to be.


  1. Liz Burman

    Happy happy Gotcha Day, sweetheart, lucky day for both you and mummy!😍🐾🐶

  2. Cheryl

    Happy Gotcha Day! I’m so glad you found each other and are sharing your journey with us.

  3. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    Happy Gotcha day…’s Gracie’s birthday today too. She’s 6 . Enjoy your very special day ..hopefully together and not too busy.

  4. Frank Gee

    Wonderful. ❤️

  5. Christine b

    So beautiful. So much love for o e another. Xx

  6. Cheryl and Susie

    Happy Gotcha day, love reading your stories, have a fab day! xxx

  7. Claire and Kim

    It was written in the stars for you two to come together. Your blog gives so much pleasure to so many people. Have a great day, all three of you!

  8. Henri

    Beautiful. I’s great to see that I’m not the only nut obsessed with their doggy pals. Your Darcy is a stunner!!

  9. Margaret Danks

    Happy gotcha day darling Darcy. It was a fortuitous day for both of you…add Georgie to the mix and it is a very happy loving home 🐾❤️

  10. Samantha R and Lola (Cockapoo)

    Gorgeous girls – both of you! 😘

  11. Eppie Giles

    Happy Gotcha Day.
    Thank you for sharing your adventures.

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