New Perspectives on Loo Rolls

There has been an obsession with Loo Rolls! Alongside hand sanitisers and face masks, loo rolls were emptied from the shelves of all supermarkets worldwide!!!!

We have never appreciated them as much as we do these days.

At the end of use there’s the inevitable cardboard tube that is usually discarded without another thought as hoomans reach for the next roll. But these days Mum looks at the cardboard tube and thinks – uh-oh! That’s the end of another roll!

She was looking at it when she caught sight of us staring at her as we always do when she sits on the toilet seat and thought – let’s not throw it away just yet! It has another use.

She had seen someone take a photo of their dog through a loo roll!

So simple, so effective!

George wore his bowtie because Mum said the effects reminded her of James Bond

And someone else was using the tube as a treat dispenser!

Can we go yet?


Decimated cardboard tube. It finally fulfilled its “roll” – HA! HA!

There is a #toiletpaperchallenge for the dogs on social media …

Are you ready for the TOILET ROLL CHALLENGE by the WONG Family?

It ain’t so easy, is it, Mum? LOL!

May’s comment: This is the result of having time on our hands! LOL!

I love this one …

Just some more funnies …

Who knew that the Toilet Paper would make the headlines almost from the start of this new decade! And that I would be blogging about it! LOL!

P.S. For anyone concerned, the “stockpiling” started a year ago when I realised it wasn’t easy to find Andrex Puppy-on-a-roll loo rolls at the local supermarkets – could only find it at the big Waitrose.

Also don’t like walking home with loo rolls. So every time I ordered home delivery from Waitrose, I would order three packs of nine! Home delivery occurs once every three months! So it accumulated over time. Thank goodness.


  1. Cheryl

    Your posts are brilliant keep safe, Cheryl and Susie x

  2. Cheryl

    Hilarious post! Thank you for making me laugh today! If there can be any good thing about this pandemic it’s we’re getting more posts from you!
    Stay well

  3. Nancy

    I love the TP challenge! Especially when Darcy went around the side instead of jumping!! Thanks for the great laugh! Stay safe!

  4. Sherri

    Oh thank you for a laugh to start my day here in Minnesota, where we are having Winter reappear here for the day! We went from 60 degrees yesterday to 27 & w/Freezing Rain & a bit of Snow coming in! Brrr! So watching Darcy & George having fun with Loo Rolls was a Hoot and had me sitting here at 545AM giggling like a little kid! 😄 And I’ve already determined that if not today then early tomorrow my Freki is going to play Find a Treat with a TP Roll as soon as mine is available! Lol! 😁 I can’t wait for my roll to be done, it’s close, I may just carefully unroll what’s left and put it on the counter since I live alone I can get away with weird behavior! I want to see my Freki attack a roll with his favorite mini-bones in it! Lol! 🐶😄 Thank you for sharing a bit of happiness during this difficult time! A good laugh goes a long ways when everyone is a bit scared, a bit bored & anxious & frustrated that we’re all stuck inside! So I may just invite my 2 neighbors in to witness this & share the laugh as we all stand 6 ft apart & watch my dog tear up a TP Roll & laugh! Lol! 😁 Have a Great Day & Stay Safe & Healthy, May, Darcy & George! We always love your adventures here in Minnesota! Sherri & Freki 😉🐶❤

    • Miss Darcy

      Awww!!! Good morning to you! So glad we made you laugh at the start of the day!!! Keep safe and I wonder if we will run out of ideas!

  5. Karen Penrose

    Greetings from Ziva in Batemans Bay, Australia. We have always called toilet rolls “Ziva’s Treasure” because I hide the empty roll behind the ensuite bin and she sneaks in and carries it out in her mouth (with a big grin) to a secluded spot and proceeds to tear it to pieces.

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