No Plans for Sunny Saturday

We didn’t have plans today – Mum had a few errands.

We were walking around Chelsea and one could not help but notice the crowds – hoomans gathering to take lots of photos of the amazing Chelsea in Bloom installations.

As we walked along Sloane Street – we saw one of Mum’s favourite –

Sea horses in front of Hermes

And this was one of her favourite pics of me.

Wearing a flower Distinguished Dog Company bowtie.

As we walked on, we saw the roses that was once so beautiful and red – looking rather sad. The weather had been amazing this past week – so while everyone could walk around admiring them – the heat quickly wilted them.

This taken just a few days ago.

Makes us remember how fleeting life can be.

Mum was just doing some shopping along Sloane Street when she got the best affirmation about George’s new hair cut.

All the staff in those posh shops remarked about his fabulous groom. They thought it was so chic. Well, thank goodness. Mum gave it a lot of thought.

While I blended into the Bottega Veneta colour scheme with my Hindquarters collar and lead.

We had taken so many photos of the Chelsea in Bloom installations but we hadn’t ventured far enough to see this one last one at Harry’s La Dolce Vita.

One last pose for Chelsea in Bloom.

And while we were there, we thought to ask if we may sit outside now that the weather is better and tables are set up outside on the pavement. Mum had asked before and they had said no dogs inside.

Sure enough we were allowed outside but we had to wait for half an hour.

So we hung around where the Rolls Royces were parked. So Knightsbridge.

Mum had something scrumptious …

She didn’t share. 🙁

And just as Mum was saying how our friend Amelia is always around that neighbourhood, guess who walked past?

Hi Amelia!

We didn’t have any plans for this Saturday. They are sometimes the best days. Today the sun was out, we took our time. We didn’t rush around to take photos – we stopped when we wanted to, we didn’t have to. We watched others doing what we did earlier in the week. But the floral displays were wilting and not as vibrant as we saw them last Monday morning.

It was the end of another year of Chelsea in Bloom – and the weather may have indicated that we are onto Summer … which also suggests that there are a lot more places we can go to with Mum.

May’s comment: It was quite nice to wake up to a “nothing planned” day. These days are far and few in between. As summer comes, a lot more places with outdoor seating for al fresco dining means a lot more choices. We only consider places that allow dogs inside to be dog-friendly – but we can’t always have things our way. So in our listing of dog-friendly places to wine and dine, we have a list of places worth considering for dining al fresco.

After disappointed that we were not allowed inside at Harry’s La Dolce Vita, we found out today that dogs can dine at the tables on the pavement. Perfectly fine for us.

Always an affogato …

And we say goodbye to another year of Chelsea in Bloom.

As the flowers wilt after a weeklong display of floral extravaganza and warm weather signalling the arrival of summer – we say thank you to Royal Horticultural Society for another inspiring year. Can’t wait to find out next year’s theme.


  1. Eppie Giles

    Your dogs are beautiful. I love following your post of what your family is doing.

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