We love Bank Holidays – can you tell?

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend and it wasn’t raining!

That’s me driving us to the Doodle Meet … just kidding.

We had some Forthglade treats to share …

Come on Fred, let’s get to them before everyone else comes.

Ah, those treats.

They always get our attention.

And the smaller the hooman the better because we can get to them if they’re not handed out fast enough.

And I seem to be in every one of those pictures. LOL!

Oops. Caught again.

And again.

Caught again!

I think I was in this position most of the time.

Ok that wasn’t me. Phew!

Sometimes water is also good.

Lots of cuddles …

Familiar faces

Lola and Colette

And new faces …

Odin – who might never get to take another training class again – LOL!!!

There were a lot of apricots at this meet …

But the darker ones were represented too.

Ball-obsessed Ted

And then there was George making a come back. He still needs to be on controlled walking so he was on lead the whole time … and he barked through the whole hour.

Yes, he was quite frustrated.

Meet mother-to-be, Tilly

And this Daisy who came all the way from Newcastle for the Chelsea Flower Show!!!

We all had a lovely time …

Don’t you think, Bella?

May’s comment: And we had 33 pups at our Bank Holiday weekend meet-up. Quite a few were late for the photo call …

Floyd had to be persuaded to join in.

There we go Floyd – not so bad.

I have done the roll call but I have already given up remembering the names! So much for that New Year’s resolution. I apologise in advance when I have to ask for your name again at our next meet!

These days we have quite a few Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. We had two Schoodles today. And oh so many cute puppies!!!!

Little meets little and then they were off!!!
A shy newcomer

Next meet will be the 30th June – same time (11.00 am), same place (Serpentine Gallery, Kensington Gardens) – and PHOTO CALL at 11.30am.

Have a lovely rest of the Bank Holiday Weekend.

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