November gratitude

November seems to be a month of giving thanks.At Remembrance Sunday, to the many who gave their livesAnd tomorrow our American friends will celebrate Thanksgiving.

November seems like a time to reflect and to give thanks. Maybe the Autumnal colours remind us that another year is coming to an end – and we look back at the months that have gone past. We have much to be thankful for – especially our friends. Through our Hyde Park Doodle Meets, we have met so many of you – and this past year was no exception.

This coming Sunday, we will be meeting up again. It will be the 11th meet of 2018. We hope you will come and join us amongst the last of the Autumn leaves. We love playing in the Autumn leaves with our friends old and new. Nothing beats the crunching noises that it makes under our paws every time we run over them. Rolling around in them is fun as well, but then some of the sharp edges from the leaves start to irritate our fur so we have to stop. I wish we got the chance to do it at home too but our parents decided to buy a leaf blower to get rid of the leaves so we only get the chance to do it on walks. They told some other dog owners about the leaf blower that they use. Apparently they found it after looking at the Best Battery Powered Leaf Blower: Comparison of 4 Great Products to get the perfect one for them. I hope that it stops working soon so we can enjoy the last bit of Autumn with the leaves under our feet in our backyard before the season ends. For we hear that Winter is Coming! (And maybe Game of Thrones will be back soon!)

We hope you will come and join us for a frolic amongst the last Autumn leaves this Sunday at our Hyde Park Doodle Meet!

May’s comment: Hasn’t this year just flown past? Seem like only yesterday when I posted about our first meet-up of 2018 and now we’re at our 11th meet of the year. We hope you will come and join us at our regular meeting place – behind the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens. Our meet starts at 11am and a group photo at 11.30am. And let’s hope the rain stays away for us. The weather has been our friend this past year … so far.

We haven’t decided yet what we’re doing about December – so this may be the last meet of the year. See you Sunday!

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  1. Cecilia Lin

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all from California!

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