Our Final Bear

We have arrived at Heathrow Terminal 5.

After our recent misfortune at O2 Arena, we were not totally confident about this either.  So it was once again a one dog show and not two. This time it was me.

When we got off the tube, Mummy carried me up the escalator and we walked “discreetly” into Arrivals Hall. Not sure how discreet it was – a big furry ball in Mummy’s arms! 🙂

We knew that it was near the Heathrow Express ticket office.  Thankfully we saw it immediately – Chief Scout Bear by Bear Grylls.

We walked over quickly before someone should stop us.  There were a few people taking photos with Chief Scout Bear and then it was our turn. IMG_1650 We had to stop for a moment and thought – this is our last Paddington Bear.

Wish George could be here but given the circumstances of never really sure when we doggies are allowed or not – Mummy felt just one of us is less of an attraction. 🙂

The others who were there taking their photos told me how good I was – better than most children, they said. Yup!

This was their first Paddington! We wished them good luck and enjoy – they better hurry as there are 49+ others.  We didn’t tell them this was our 50th and last Paddington.

Then it was time to get back on the tube to go home. IMG_1659Phew!  Now we can rest for the remaining of this year. 🙂IMG_1663May’s comment: Never intended to go for all 50 but once we got the hang of it, it became quite a challenge!

P.s. Love the way Darcy poses – always one leg in front of the other – very lady like. 🙂


  1. Irene Elliott

    I’ve really enjoyed following the Paddington Trail with you , hope your adventures continue , Happy New Year !

  2. Laura cordovano

    Congratulations May!

  3. Tracey

    I am so pleased you got them all…. I can imagine it became quite an obsession / ritual once you start red!! Xx
    Congratulations miss darcy!!

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