Doing a jig for the cameras – again!

While George has been exploring the great metropolis of New York City, I have been performing my agility skills to impress Sarah and the camera!The cameras that shot us at the grooming party a couple of weeks ago came back to follow me to the House of Mutt. They wanted action shots, they said, not just be having a good lie around on the comfy sofas by the fire.  So what did Sarah have in mind for me? AGILITY!!!  Hooray! I LOVE agility.  We don’t get to do a lot of it because it’s not easily available in London and wherever we go, it takes up a whole day!

So I am so happy to be able to run a whole course with Julie.  And over the bar jump I go …
And another …Come on, Julie! Keep up!

And up the A-frame – look at how fast I am galloping up that ramp!
Next – the dog walk ramp.
Keep up Julie!
And now through the tunnel.Now where’s that treat you were holding in your hand? 
Awww, as you promised! There’s reward at the end of every tunnel! 🙂

Now this has been something I couldn’t do before. I keep missing the poles along the Weave.
I did it! Hooray! 
Jumping for joy at little achievements.

We didn’t get to do the teeter/seesaw nor the chute. Maybe we’ll get to do that before I leave.

Now that was the real stuff but before I had the grand run with Julie, I had to perform for the cameras.It was a lot of pressure to do this right. I made sure I did not leap over the A-frame like Ollie the Jack Russell did!And I made sure I took it a bit slower on the Dog Walk so the camera man could keep up with me.And then the all important sit and stay still for an interview.

May’s comment: Now this is one of the reasons Darcy goes to the House of Mutt. Besides knowing she’s safe and well looked after, she is also getting the stimulation and the exercise. And she gets to do things we don’t have a chance to do in London. I love watching her do agility and she would be very good at it. She’s fast, she’s strong, she’s competitive and she’s determined to get that treat at the end off each run!

Julie, please “steal” her and help her be the best she can be!


  1. Jill Green

    What a fabulous photo coming out of the tunnel! Well done Miss D! This has made me think I must take Charlie back to agility. I had to stop when my hip was bad. New one now, so no excuses!

    • Miss Darcy

      I had to stop because of a hip problem too! But now I am too busy to spend an entire day travelling to and from agility. 🙁

  2. Cheryl

    Thank you for the pictures Darcy! I’m so glad you’re having a grand time. You are very fast and agile, wow! I guess you are to busy to miss mom and George!

  3. Margaret Danks

    What a great time you are having Darling Darcy. Will get to see the interview somewhere?

  4. Liz Burman

    Great tunnel photo Miss D!

  5. Sheila Wixey

    All great photos the tunnel is lovely, well done Miss Darcy and Julie you were both brilliant.

  6. Sheila Wixey

    All great photos the tunnel one is lovely, well done Miss Darcy and Julie you were both brilliant.

  7. All great photos the tunnel one is lovely, well done Miss Darcy and Julie you were both brilliant.

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