The Four Musketeers!

That’s what someone called us four Equafleeces when we were running around in the Polo Fields in Windsor Great Park!

George in blue, Barney in black, me in purple and Nelly in brown. We could be doing an advert for them.

Barney, Nellie and their mummy, Emma picked us up from the tube station and as we neared Great Windsor Park, Barney and Nellie started to cry excitedly. George and I looked out the window – wondering what was the excitement.

And then we saw the trees, the green grass, the fields – and we can smell the squirrels!  As Emma drove through the park, I got so excited I sat on her lap! IMG_3541Oh my goodness – vast open fields of green!  Actually, that was Mummy’s sentiment. George and I – we don’t mind running into bushes, undergrowth, through the woods – just chasing squirrels. But Mummy prefers the even fields of green so she can keep an eye on us.IMG_3542 And we’re off!IMG_3545 We chased and tumbledIMG_3551 We wrestledIMG_3555 And leaptIMG_3556 We nuzzledIMG_3568 We playedIMG_3548 We ran like a pack!IMG_3572We even overwhelmed a labrador!IMG_3565And left him cowering as we ran off.

We gathered for treats
IMG_3578 And we were off again!IMG_3577But it is never without incident with George.

The last time he ran through the fence at Long Park. This time Emma thought – the Polo Field is mostly fenced in and it is so vast that surely it will be George proof. Alas no!

He sees the under bushes afar and he ran!  His little skinny legs took him with great speed across the vastness of green to the edge of the field. Mummy called after him but he heeded not!  Her longer legs but not so long could not match his short skinny ones. Maybe it’s because he has four of them and Mummy only has two!  Of course he disappeared into the undergrowth! I went after him because well, it was more fun to find out what’s in those bushes!

After awhile, much to our relief, he emerged.  As he galloped back to Mummy – his ears were flying and those little legs powering him along.

All was well until the last minute as we were leaving the fields to go for lunch – George did a real good job rubbing his neck in fox poo! Oh my goodness! He was one stinky poo! He’s always up to something that nitwit!  Mummy was not in the least happy with him.

May’s comment: Well, one thing I realised today – George knows how to come back. But that’s not a guarantee and not something to encourage him to do either.  His recall is selective. When he’s within range, he’s impressively good. But once he decides there’s something that interest him, he’s off.

As for that fox poo – AAAAAUGH! He did a real good job – his entire neck was covered. His collar and even his tag were smeared with poo. He stank! And I had to carry him in the tube!

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  1. Ahhh!
    The pitfalls of being a poo mum!

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