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Red Carpet @ Gaucho’s

We had our Red Carpet just before BAFTA – so E! couldn’t make it. But Dasha Hugg took photos of our red carpet walk – we in all our natural splendour! We had some wee little ones … Bobby and Noodles! Aren’t they gorgeous! IMG_6487 IMG_6465 We had 44 cockapoos in total!!! And therefore we raise £220 for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home! Hooray!

May’s comment: These are just a sampling of photos from Dasha – she has posted the rest of the Red Carpet on her site. They are low res for the purpose of loading but if you are interested in a hi-res photo, please contact Dasha directly. Red Carpet by Dasha Hugg She’s also in the process of compiling the photos from inside Gaucho and will be loading a video as well. Watch this space!

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