That’s a French salutation and the name of the latest restaurant we have tried.

However they are “Modern European” … and all the way in Islington – the other side of London from us.

What’s on the menu?

We were curious …

We could smell the foods being prepared in the open kitchen – and we were sitting right next to it.

Oooh! That looks pretty.

Is this what Modern European looks like?

Took us awhile to cross London to get there but Mum said it was worth it especially sharing it with friends and Mum’s godson.

May’s comment: Sometimes it is worth travelling all across London to get to something so worth it!

Salut! in Islington offers a relaxed take on modern-European food. Watch the dishes being prepared in the open kitchen, from the warm and comfortable dining room with wooden tables and vintage furnishings, i.e. rustic in appearance with a shabby/chic decor. A must for foodies who love dinign with their dogs. Run by brothers Martin and Christoph Lange who grew up in Germany and worked in kitchens all over Europe. 412 Essex Road, London N1 3PJ

Added the lovely place to our Wine & Dine List – check out the 150+ places where you can wine and dine with your pooches in cosmopolitan London!


  1. Tracey

    Ooh, quite near where we live! We will try it out. Thanks May, Miss Darcy & George, from Tracey & Sydney

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