Saluting (just) three of our many Heroes

On this International Women’s Day – we salute three women who have made a difference in the world of dogs.

One of the very first charities we got to know was Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue.

Mum was looking for Number 2 – and she had thought it would be better to rescue another cockapoo. But six years ago, there weren’t that many around in rescue centres. Mum came upon Riley – a white cockapoo, on a Facebook page – and inquired about him. That was how she was introduced to Hilda Barabas, founder of Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue (HHDR).

Hilda Barabas – founder of Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue

As from 2012 HHDR have saved, homed and rehomed 1342 dogs from Hungary in loving forever homes with the help and support of the many dog lovers around the world.

And of course, our little George is just one of the 1300+ dogs saved from a Killing Station – and found his way to our home and our hearts.

Why Hungary, we hear you ask? Dogs know no boundaries – and there are many charities like them who help bring dogs from countries who do not have the same culture and attitude as we do – to give them a chance at life.

But there are equally as many local charities – helping dogs in need. A few years on, we learnt about Dogs on the Street London (DOTS London) – a charity that helps the dogs of the homeless in London.

Prior to the launch of DOTS back in 2016, Michelle Clark had already been running a street outreach programme for six years, tending to the needs of the homeless with dogs, she steadily built up a strong rapport and in depth knowledge of their true needs.

Michelle Clark – the founder of DOTS London.

The true inspiration for DOTS came in the waggy tailed shape of a very special street dog called Poppy who changed Michelle’s life forever.

Poppy’s homeless dad was taken very ill and having heard about Michelle’s work made contact to see if she could help with Poppy’s welfare while he moved into accommodation to try and better his health. Michelle took Poppy on, welcoming her into her family (including numerous other furbabies!) like one of her own. And it was this bond that was formed with Poppy that sparked the desire in Michelle to do even more than she was for the homeless doggy owning community, to provide a more permanent and regular service. 

Fast forward to now and DOTS operates weekly in London as well as running regular services in other major UK cities with a view to expand even further.

Last year, I finally got to meet Nikki Tibbles – the florist to the celebrities.

Portrait of Nikki Tibbles at her home in London 2017

Nikki Tibbles founded Wild at Heart Foundation in 2015 with one ambition, to bring an end to the world’s 600 million stray dog problem. Wild at Heart Foundation now funds and supports animal welfare projects worldwide by organising and sponsoring rescue projects, neutering programmes, awareness campaign and educational initiatives in Romania, Borneo, Cyprus, Greece, Bosnia, Swaziland, Hong Kong and Perto Rico.

Read more about Nikki’s story here – Mail Online.

To these three women and many others – we say thank you for all you have given to those dogs who just want a second chance.

May’s comment: Once I became involved in the dog world, I quickly learnt that it is not all about cute puppies. Due to unfortunate circumstances, there are many dogs out there needing a home. And on this International Women’s Day I wanted to say thank you to these three women whom I have met in recent years. Their unwavering drive and determination have helped thousands of dogs around the world.

We dog owners are often touched and reduced to tears by stories of rescues. As I have learnt, it is really quite easy to send a donation via PayPal to help towards causes. But these three women have worked tirelessly in their charities – in helping those dogs less fortunate than ours have a second chance. It is not a task for the faint-hearted and once you’re involved with rescues, there is no end in sight. We all hope that one day all dogs will have a loving home. I don’t know if we have enough time but if we can all hope and dream – and have angels like these three, we can only get closer to that day.

That said, these are just three we have highlighted. We recently wrote about Slaughter House Survivors in China – headed up by three women who found themselves in Harbin, China – and they all knew there was something they wanted to do – to save and rehome the dogs they have found in Harbin and further afield – and sending off hundreds of them to other countries around the world.

We have also just met via Instagram, Kimberley of Josh the Doodle who have just last summer began a charity to help dogs with special needs – a message of all-inclusivity. The Be Like Josh foundation is a non profit organization dedicated to celebrating animals with special needs. They believe that all animals and humans, wherever they are on the spectrum of abilities, are worthy of being seen, loved and appreciated. We will be sharing their story soon.

Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue is a Registered UK Charity, which was founded in 2012.

DOTS London is a voluntary ran and not-for-profit charity dedicated to the welfare of dogs belonging to the UK’s homeless community. Since 2016.

Wild at Heart Foundation – since 2015, they have funded neutering, education programmes and rehomed dogs in many different countries.


  1. Cheryl

    Thank you for highlighting these wonderful and much needed organizations. I pray that one day animals will be treated with the love and respect they deserve, and charities like these won’t be needed!

  2. Ann Rhodes

    God bless the Saviors! Hope you remain healthy and well

  3. Maureen Dell

    Touché Cheryl! ♥️

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