Beach time!!!

Hi Bow!!!! You’ve grown since we last saw you.  You are as big as Georgie now. You might get even bigger than him.  Poor little Georgie, all our friends seem to outgrow him – in size.

There was a lot of beach for us to run
IMG_6908 And run we did!IMG_6905 Madly, IMG_6888Wildly …IMG_6902 Freely!IMG_6879George had very little regard for the works of art on the beach.IMG_6885I was slightly more respectful.IMG_6886Bow tried to play with us but she’s too little for our rough and tumble waysIMG_6911Maybe when she’s a little older, she might run with us more.IMG_6910When it came to treats, we were all on even grounds.IMG_6884There was no shortage of dogs on the beach!!!IMG_6893It just seem so normal for us to be there.

Of course we had to go to the Beach Cafe for lunch – it is famous IMG_6857for being dog friendlyIMG_6862 And just in case there was any need, there were parking places for us – but there was no need for that as dogs sat both outside and inside the cafe.IMG_6845 We sat in!IMG_6852The Beach Cafe was voted the Champion of “Be Dog Friendly” awards in 2014. IMG_6850I wonder who else had won?

And in case any of use were a little grubby after a beach walk, there was a “Wash ‘n’ Wag” station. IMG_6859 Pretty simple instructions … but Mummy said – “where’s the shampoo?IMG_6858Not a pet spa, Mummy, just a rinse-off station.

Our humans had some ice-cream and I was jumping with joy – waiting for my share.  I said “please” nicely – to no avail.IMG_7086Only when Mummy came to the tail end of her cone IMG_6869Did I finally get a taste of it!

We really had done quite different things yesterday.

We walked through the fields/woodsIMG_6827 to get to the beach cafe …IMG_6848and then walked home on the beachIMG_6910We also had a run in the Holkham estate … more later – time for breakfast.

May’s comment: What a fabulous beach outing! When we started walking, I made a comment to the effect of – “Look! There’s a dog!” Sandra basically said – there are A LOT of dogs here. I didn’t understand what she meant but as we walked along first the wooded areas before we got to the beach, it became clear to me.

And what’s with the people? Everyone was so nice!  Greetings, smiles, conversations – about the dogs! Must bottle up that air and bring it to London!!!


  1. Sandra Stinson

    We had such a great day, lovely company and beautiful weather. always such a tonic to visit Wells/Holkham where almost everyone appreciates man’s best friend – our beautiful doggies. Just let us know May anytime you want company in Wells. Xx

  2. Margaret Danks

    What a lovely post May. I think you need to move out of the city lol.

  3. Marzi

    Lucky you! Holkham beach is one of my very favourite places. I’m glad you had such a lovely time there.

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