“She sees with her heart”

“Not her eyes.”

This is Maggie. She was found heavily pregnant, missing her eyes and one ear. They terminated her pregnancy and when they removed her blinded eyes they found four bullets.

Photo from @maggiethewunderdog

She was rescued from the streets of Lebanon by kind hoomans and Wild at Heart Foundation stepped in to help give Maggie a chance at life.

Today, Maggie lives in Brighton with her fur sister Mishka. And she lives life to the fullest. She has given back so much to all who have met her. She sees the world through her heart.

Photo from @maggiethewunderdog

Today is World Kindness Day – and we thank the many, many charities and organisations that through the kindness of the many hoomans behind them, have saved so many dogs and given them second chances.

We have met only a few of them – because of the many kind hoomans who have brought them home.

We met Jindol earlier this year. He came to London from South Korea.


Jindol was found on the streets in an area just outside Seoul. His back legs had been cut off and he was running around on his stumps.

Follow Jindol’s adventures on @the.beauty.of.chaos

His stumps are indicative of what these dog meat farms do to the dogs to prevent them from escaping. He was eventually picked up by a Shelter – and through their kindness, took him him. They had put his story on their website – where Rafi saw him.

A little over a year ago, Jindol now lives in London. He gets around on his bandaged stumps.

We haven’t met Laika yet and we can’t wait to meet her.

From India with Love

Laika came to Nottingham from Delhi through Patricia’s Indian Street Dogs. Through her kindness, Patricia has fostered and rehabilitated many of the street dogs in Delhi.

But there’s a sad story linked to Laika. There was Ghost –

Like Your Name You’re Now a Spirit

Just when Ghost was getting ready to come home, she left us – unexpectedly. Sometimes kindness doesn’t get rewarded with happiness. Sometimes kindness comes too late.

And for all those dogs that the Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue have saved from the Killing Stations and the streets of Hungary. If not for them, we would never have George.

He was in a Killing Station when dedicated volunteers from Shelters went out looking for those who could be given a chance.

The rest is history. Due to the kindness of those who found him and made all the efforts to get him rehomed – our lives have been blessed.

And closer to home, Doodle Aid brought Dede home. Because of the immense popularity of doodles in the last decade, there are now many doodle crosses who are in need of a second home – due to many circumstances. Dede was a breeding dog.

When she was no longer needed, Doodle Aid’s volunteers stepped in to rescue her and she now lives in a home gilled with love with her brother Dante.

May’s comment: After following her story on Instagram (@maggiethewunderdog), we finally got to meet Maggie and Casey, the hooman that gave her a forever home at last weekend’s Love My Human‘s Strutz2.

I “see” you Miss D.

Wild at Heart Foundation funds animal welfare projects all over the world. We are on a mission to compassionately reduce the world’s 600 million stray dog population through rescue projects, neutering programmes and education initiatives. By 2025 we want to rehome 10,000 dogs, neuter 100,000 dogs and educate 1,000,000 children. 

There are days when I really, really prefer dogs to humans. Actually there are many of those days. LOL! But when I meet all these dogs with second chances … I am reminded that there is a lot of kindness in this world.

Happy World Kindness Day! And may there be many more dogs with second chances because of kindness.


  1. Ian Harrison

    Thank goodness for so many kind people in this world. But why, oh why are so many people cruel, heartless and downright sadistic!

  2. Misty Manley

    How do you adopt these precious babies?

    • Miss Darcy

      Visit Wild at Heart Foundation – they constantly have dogs for rehoming.

    • Miss Darcy

      You go to the various rescue organisations – click onto the links and look at their dogs for rehoming.

  3. Kathy Shoulders

    Maggie is so beautiful. Thank God for all these amazing people people that adopt these beautiful babies.

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