Retail therapy in NYC!

Since we can’t go into restaurants, we went shopping instead – and this was much easierMummy loves our neighbourhood shops.

Blue Tree is a curious little shop – it sells all sorts of things not on the High Street. They cater to dogs too! Mummy’s favourite book shop – The Corner Bookstore You can sit and have a quick read But there are lots and lots of booksA book about Loyal dogs
And this one should be “A Ball for Jaffa.” Next door is J. McLaughlin.They are super dog friendly and even had treats for me and all pooches, I suppose.Mummy said they are very preppy but every now and then she finds a gem in there – so she keeps looking for that.  And she struck again!This florist does dog sitting and walking as well as sell beautiful blooms!

But as with all other food stores in the neighbourhood – there is conveniently always a bench outside Oh, and the fabulous Feldman Hardware.Mummy bought something funny here for Little Tyke! But lots of fun stuff. It’s not just a hardware shop.

We visited the new child’s section of Roberta Roller Rabbit on Lexington Avenue to look for more pressies for Little Tyke and Mini Tyke – Mummy’s going to visit them soon.We ventured further into mid-town.Mummy was looking for a specific blouse at Barney’s and happy her – she found it!

We stopped at the Tiffany’s Window – she wanted a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” picture but it was raining and it was too cold to wear a little black dress – but she had a little black dog instead.

Nike was just around the corner – and an errand for a friend.No luck here.

Next, Bergdorf’s …
We spent a long time there … That’s because Mummy needed to get her hair done at John Barrett
I am very familiar in this position.  Darcy and I are always with Mummy when she goes to the hairdresser’s in London.And we met a very friendly girl, Avery.She has a dog called London!Who I believe is a Yorkie/Shih-Tzu cross which is two-thirds of me!

There’s a fabulous view of Central Park and Fifth Avenue!Now, after Mummy got her hair done, it was my turn! 
I needed a wash-n-fluff – after all that travelling and wet days in NYC.  Mummy always comes to Canine Styles to buy us our gingerbread men treats and this is where she bought Darcy’s first teddy and my favourite singing dog!

Now who needs to eat when one can shop?

May’s comment:  Shopping in New York with dogs is a lot easier than finding a dog-friendly restaurant – and we mean indoor seating, not sitting outside especially at this time of year.

But we did find one place that allowed dogs inside!!!! Shhhh!Hooray! And he didn’t need to be a service dog. No need to lie – they just said as long as he can sit quietly he was more than welcome to be there.  But it very much depends on who is working that day. Sometimes they let you sit there and sometimes they say you have to sit in the Reception area.

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  1. Laura Cordovano

    So much fun seeing the old neighborhood! And Canine Styles was my home away from home with my doggies! They even used my dogs in their catalog ❤️ A day in Bergdorfs is a day in heaven. Hope George is having fun!

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