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Mummy, I think you’re going to find this House of Mutt  report card interesting. Instead of the usual … as in how wonderful I am and how I have become a bit attached to Sarah when I am there, this one is more about George.IMG_3023I think you were interested to see how George would behave in an environment where you’re not around and there are other dogs.

You’ve mentioned it before that George seems to have taken on an Alpha Dog in our relationship.  And he behaves like the Pack Leader when you are around. Sure enough, he had some issues which Sarah reported.

IMG_3024He was possessive of me and then he became prowly when I played with the other dogs.  That is how I tended to be at the Cockapoo meets – I don’t like George playing with the others. Now he’s doing just the same at House of Mutt. Maybe it’s because I am more familiar with the environment and he wasn’t.

George says, “I’m sorry, Mummy.”IMG_3031May’s comment: Interesting how he continues to evolve and change. This latest behaviour began in March.  The both of them can get into a brawl because he decides to control Darcy whenever she decides to bark at another dog.  He tells her off and then pursues to bark himself. Darcy would often let him get on with it but a few times she tells him off for doing that and they get into a brawl – very embarrassing! People wondering why MY two dogs are having a fight.

He thinks he’s the Alpha Dog – and wants to put Darcy in her place. She doesn’t really care but then she also doesn’t like to be told off.

So it’s interesting to hear this from House of Mutt as well.  Looks like we’re not all settled yet – still more work to do with my little rescue.

But they’re both home and happy to be home as well as missing their running freely in the countryside.

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  1. Miami Malteses

    I, Quincy, fully understand this behavior from George! I suffer from it myself!! I love my sister Tippy but don’t really appreciate her socializing with other dogs! She is such a social butterfly! But I must protect her and my Mum and Dad from other people and dogs! Humans just don’t understand how scared I get that others will hurt my family..I am not being just have to prove you are trustworthy to be with my loved ones! So Georgie don’t feel bad! It’s not just because you were a street’s because you are loving little furry boy! Love you!!

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