Singing for joy!

Charlie was so happy to see his daddy.

It seemed like only yesterday that he arrived and we greeted him with fervour.
IMG_3850 He and I went for big dog walksIMG_3890Along with Jaffa, we were the trio of apricotsIMG_3989We went for walks in the parkIMG_4042 And came home a mess.IMG_4011 Both Charlie and I are very good at jumping into the bathtubIMG_4015 We ate togetherIMG_4049 We went to dinner parties IMG_3898And even to restaurantsIMG_4214At bedtime, Charlie just wanted to snuggle up to Mummy – the whole night.IMG_3934And then his daddy came to get him …IMG_3891Bye Charlie! We loved having you stay and we hope you will come back again. And again.

May’s comment: Love that face. Charlie is a real bruiser! While Darcy is gentle and a real girl, Charlie will swipe you with his paw if he doesn’t like something you’re doing to him. He puts George in his place – which is probably a good thing. George sometimes forgets his size but Charlie’s mighty weight backs him down.  But Charlie by far gives the best cuddles and biggest hugs. A very loveable thug altogether!IMG_3861Our home seems a little empty without him.  But he needs to go home to his daddy. 🙂


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  1. Liz

    Aaww Charlie sure loves his daddy.

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