Smooth and clear paths

C’mon Georgie! It’s easy. Don’t be afraid.

He stopped dead in his tracks when we were about to go up the glass stairs in the Apple store on Regent Street. He wasn’t used to walking on glass.He’s a street dog alright – he doesn’t mind walking anywhere on the streets …IMG_5859Thankfully he’s dinky as Mummy had to carry him up the stairs.

Once up there he was fine and the Apple staff were so happy to see us. IMG_5854The One-to-One guy particularly liked George though he told us he was thinking of getting a cavapoo.IMG_5855May’s comment: There are not many things now that frighten George. He used to be petrified of trucks and buses. He was afraid of cars and didn’t know how to get into one. Seeing how far he has come, I forget there are still things he has yet to adapt to – like glass staircases!!! Funny – never thought that could be an issue.

His other areas of learning to adapt are more tricky. His habit of resource guarding (food and affection) is an ongoing challenge but he’s manageable. As I always remind myself before I get discouraged – he led most of his life doing this on his own – and he has not realised this habit in our world does not gain him favours.

He’s an amazing little guy – charming and sweet – but his aggressiveness does not fit in our world of expected good behaviour. And so we continue. Six months is not quite here yet. And maybe it takes even longer … but together we shall prevail!!!

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  1. Samantha Jane Smith

    Don’t take him to LV in Bond Street for a while then!

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