So this is Christmas

We’ve never been to the church across the road from where we live but Mummy said there’s always a first time. IMG_8982Unsure if we were allowed in, we sat at the back of the church before an usher said we could sit in the pews. After all, it is Christmas. 🙂IMG_8979I sat quietly on the floor – IMG_8970While George sat on Mummy’s lap, listening intently to the sermonIMG_8977 Guess he wasn’t so into it …IMG_8972After church, Praewa and Bubbles came over (in matching jumpers) to open presents
IMG_8984I excitedly opened mine from my brother MiloIMG_9001 Hooray! A rawhide Christmas card – one to chew on! IMG_9003And I had a new toy from Nina Ottosson – for mental stimulation, Mummy said – I think it’s more “tempt-the-greed” and see what happens – as I figured that one out pretty quickly.IMG_9009And even Georgie finally learnt to play some games as well. IMG_8997Well done, Georgie. It’s time to learn that food is not always handed out freely by humans. Sometimes they want you to work a little harder to get them. IMG_9007But Mummy was really proud of Georgie and told him he did well.

The next thing on the agenda for the day was connecting via LINE with Little Tyke and Mini Tyke in Thailand as they opened their presents from MummyIMG_8956 And before we had time to play with all our pressies, it was time to go to Marley’s for Christmas lunch – not before a quick walk when Georgie wore his new navy collar and lead made specially for him by Alice Foxx.IMG_9052You look so handsome George!

And a tiny reindeer greeted us when we arrived at Marley’s!!!! IMG_9015No, it’s not a reindeer, it’s MARLEY!!!

But before lunch, we sat down to listen to the Queen’s Christmas messageIMG_9016Georgie didn’t have much of an attention span, but I stayed and listened to everything she had to say.IMG_9022 And then the hoomans all sat down to Christmas lunch while I looked on with pleading eyes – but apparently it was so delicious, Mummy ate every morsel of it and didn’t share. 🙁IMG_9027 We retired to the lounge and George was feeling “Merry and Bright”IMG_9031Before heading home, all of us went for a walk. It was already dark outside so when George decided he had to do a poo – they needed a flashlight and four hoomans were trying to locate his remnants!!! LOL! IMG_9033 We arrived home in plenty of time before settling down for the last event of Christmas Day – to watch the grand finale of Downton Abbey – the very last episode ever!IMG_9042This is not a spoiler but just to show that Tiaa, the new puppy on the show is very much a part of the cast!
IMG_9041 It was an eventful day and by day’s end, we were zonked. And while Mummy is writing this blog, I am snoring away in my new bed – one of my many Christmas pressies.IMG_9043Thank you for all our Christmas pressies. Mummy said we are surely stocked up with treats for the rest of the year.

We hope you had a blessed day too.  Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!

May’s comment: It has been a lovely Christmas – one spent with friends and my fur babies.IMG_9006We had Christmas lunch with Yaena and her family in their beautiful home – all Christmassy and festive, and served a delicious meal.  Thank you, Yaena for making our Christmas special.IMG_9022I love Christmas – for the reasons we celebrate it, for all the beauty in the decoration and lights, for the good that it bring out in people, especially the childlike quality in us.

I love singing Christmas carols, especially Silent Night which always makes me emotional. It has been such a long time since I had seen a Nativity play.  The part when children sing the first verse of “Away in a Manger” – not only do their innocent voices makes me tear up but it also reminds me of my first Nativity play.  I was Angel Gabriel. 🙂

And then I would always feel melancholic on Christmas Day. Sad because all the build-up to Christmas, all that hustle and bustle and expectations – and then it’s simply over. It’s another eleven months before the pretty lights come on again and before we can play Christmas carols all day, every day for a whole couple of weeks leading up to it.

But this year I didn’t feel that way. This Christmas my plate was full. IMG_9025I didn’t feel empty at the end of it.

In the absence of family, this year more than ever, friends have stepped in to fill the space – and this Christmas was a culmination of that.

Maybe it’s because I have finally settled down – into a place called home.  I haven’t been running away as I used to.  Partly because my doggies have settled me into routines but they have also in the process brought so many new and diverse people into my life.

Thankful for everyone and everything. My life is full but I have also learnt that there is always space for more – especially in loving, the heart grows.

I hope you too had a blessed and a happy Christmas. xxx

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    Love to you and precious pups xx beautifully said

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