Some day we will be alright

So I growl at George now and then. He’s annoyingly too playful for me sometimes.

And whenever he goes to visit his godparents – Praewa and Arsh (more about that later), I keep wondering if he’ll be coming back. I don’t know how I will feel if he doesn’t but for now, I’m like – “oh, you’re back.”

George gets so excited when he comes home, he starts jumping all over me. That’s when I growl at him. I guess I should be delighted that someone’s happy to see me.

Do I sound like I get annoyed easily? Seems like it. Maybe I’m beginning to be a grumpy old lady.

Mummy says I’m just being an all-too-serious-3 1/2 year old – you know in human years I would be reading philosophy in University – and just too important for silly antics.  I like that explanation.The EnglishBut I do know about George’s story – that he had a hard life, blah! blah! blah! and as much as I don’t like him always asking for attention, I know he needs it.

And Mummy is sensitive to my needs – when she sees me looking at her when she’s holding George, she always asks me to go over to her. IMG_6044She then puts down George and have a cuddle with me. Then George will get all jealous! That little brat!  Mummy spends a lot of time these days trying to hand out love! Actually come to think of it, I have benefitted from it too. Mummy was just too casual with me prior to George. I would sit under her desk the whole time until we have to go out. Hmmm. Maybe there’s something good in it for me.

But you know, that George is not all so innocent.  He has been snappy with me – twice when he’s trying to protect his place on the bed underneath the desk. He wants to take possession so when I approached it, he snapped at me! Mummy gets very, very cross with him when he does it. She tells him it was my place and that I am sharing it with him. Then he looks all sheepish and puts on that sad look. GAWD!

IMG_6030Most of the time we actually sit together. IMG_6344And when in bed – he’s too much! So I have my place between the two pillows. When he didn’t get pole position he didn’t want to be in the bed – went away to lie by himself in a sulk. But then one night he figured out what could be a better position than the one I have.  That’s when he insisted on going under the covers to sleep right next to Mummy.

IMG_6307Well, what can I say – he’s no pushover.

Anyway, I am sure soon enough he will know he is loved, wanted and he’s safe – so he can maybe CHILL OUT!!!

3-4 more months before he settles in? Crikey!

May’s comment: Tolerant is the word to describe Miss D.   She’s been amazing and acts like the older, responsible older sister. George tries it on sometimes but mostly he’s a cheeky little monkey. My friend Beate thinks there’s cat in his DNA!!! That will be a surprise!


  1. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    May, you are a star. .and Miss D you are very very patient. …love and cuddles to you all. ….and extrs licks from Gracie the springador..xx

  2. Maggie Danks

    Ooh that George MissD,, he is a bit yummy tho, but not as yummy as you xx

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