Travelling light?

The day has arrived – we’re taking George for his stay-cation in Dorset.

No that was not how he travelled! Mum just thought he looked cute in that Wunderdog bag!

One by one, we are going our separate ways. George left earlier today to stay with Hebe and Blaze for a run around in Dorset. On Monday, I leave for House of Mutt – yay! And Mum leaves on Tuesday for Sapporo – to see the kiddies.

The days leading up to departure are always a little sad. That’s why Mum had been spending so much time with George – they were together almost 24/7 while I went for Doggy Day Care so they can get on with things.

A tender moment with George

And the night before, Mum just wants us close together. We sat and watched telly, huddled in a corner – me snuggled up close next to Mum and George on her lap. And we sat like that till Mum had pins and needles from sitting so still.

Last night in bed – sleeping in sync

We packed him a little bag and we were all ready to take the 11.20 train to Gillingham when they announced it was cancelled!!! What? Oh! Take the train to Woking and then pick it up from there? Even though Mum was feeling sad taking him to be left, she wasn’t going to miss the train! LOL! We did manage to get to Gillingham as scheduled.

Waiting for the train at Woking.

When George saw Jane, he was beside himself with excitement!

We think he’ll be ok. What do you think?

Bye Mum! Bye Dee!

He didn’t cry, he didn’t bark. George knew exactly what was happening. He didn’t get off Jane’s lap. He watched as we walked away. Yes, Mum did feel a little sad, but also relieved and pleased that he will be ok.

Look at these double pink lines by the curb at the station! LIKE!

Then it was just me and Mum – going back to London.

A little quiet without Georgie – my turn on Monday.

May’s comment: The days leading up to goodbyes are always heavy hearted. And the moments before hand over is always full of cuddles and quiet moments. Then there’s a flurry of activities – as in today. George was super excited – he remembered how much fun he had the last time he was there. He ran freely in their garden, he barked at the ducklings but never dared go into the pond – thank goodness! He escaped into their field and had Jane and Christoph trying to catch him for a long time! LOL! This time they had put chicken wire around the garden – fingers crossed! He’s a clever one and will find that one hole through the fence.

I wasn’t there to witness it but Jane told us George was beside himself with happiness when he arrived back at their home.

He ran happily into the garden and stayed out there for 15 minutes!

He checked under the bushes for anything interesting. All those smells.

Then there was chill time before supper …

Blaze, George, Hebe

And they all leapt up from the sofa when food was being prepared …

Anticipation …

When food was served, everyone was suppose to SIT and WAIT – but George didn’t trust the other two …


Knowing he’s happy makes it just that much easier leaving him …

ENJOY your time in the countryside, George! THANK YOU Jane, Christoph, Hebe and Blaze for having him.


  1. Cheryl

    Isn’t it wonderful when you know your fur babies are in loving, trusting hands! George certainly seems happy, his tail is wagging like crazy!
    Of course Miss D will be so happy to be a “dog” at The House of Mutt”!
    Safe travels, May!

  2. Margaret Danks

    That little face! Have a great time everyone


    Beautiful photos, George looks very h
    appy, he will have a lovely time in Dorset. Looking forward to updates of George and Darcy’s vacations. xxx

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