Spider Man on Scooter

IMG_0054Last week, every morning we walked Little Tyke to Paint Pots IMG_0069 Sometimes he did fancy manoeuvres IMG_0067Sometimes he stopped to give me a hugIMG_0068 But he always seem to have something to tell “Aunty May” – he never stopped talking LOL!IMG_0070 Sometimes he walked with George – and they go nicely together.  He can control George a lot easier than he can me. They do make a very cute pair.IMG_0100 But then he waved “goodbye” on Friday as he had to suddenly leave to go back home …IMG_9995And we’re back to our regular routine. Just me, George and Mummy.IMG_0297We’re all missing Little Tyke … and our summer had hardly begun.

May’s comment: We were really sorry to see him leave. But there was an important reason.

On behalf of Darcy and George, we send our condolences to Sasha and his family for the sudden passing of their grandmother.unnamed-105I’ve met her a couple of times and though we did not speak the same language – I know she loved dogs. And she would have loved Darcy and George if she had met them.

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  1. Alison

    Sympathies to Sasha and family on their sad loss.

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