Starting our Fifth Year

January 2013 – four young cockapoos met up for a playdate.  

Charlie, Zavia, Rocko and me … and that was our first Hyde Park Cockapoo Meet.

Since then we must have met hundreds of cockapoos and as of last year, we became a Doodles meet – because lots of cavapoos came along, and then there were all sorts of doodles – poochon, labradoodles, maltipoo, shih-poo, once a goldendoodle.  We decided to welcome everyone – even cocker spaniels and cavachons and, and, and … we’re not very strict – we all look pretty much the same anyway!

And then there was George. We had to make him an honorary member – though there’s no doodle in him at all!But he thinks he’s one of us. However, he had proven himself to be the best bouncer we could ever have – fearless and loud!

So this coming Sunday, we start our fifth year of meet-ups.  We hope you will come and join us.

May’s comment: We begin our fifth year of meeting in Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park. When we began, Stacy and I who founded the group – just wanted to see our cockapoos play – and we used to love to see them do the doodle dash.  Over time, our doodles grew up and they stopped chasing each other but chased squirrels instead! But we carried on because there were constantly new ones who came and the young ones continued with the tradition of the doodle dash.

We meet the last Sunday of every month behind the Serpentine Gallery – at 11am for about an hour. The group photo is at 11.30am – please try to make it on time!

To happy 2018 meet-ups – the first of twelve!


  1. Can’t make this one but excited for Feb! My pup’s recall is not great and I’m hesitant to let her run in the park so she misses out! But this sounds perfect..

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