Taking another MAY to Brussels

I just had to do it. Enough of this #Brexshit stuff.

So I told Mum last night we have to get to Brussels – there’s work to be done because TWO Mays may save the day!

So off we went early yesterday morning – when not even a mouse was stirring.

Hurry! Hurry!

Staring intently looking for signs to Brussels


We’re almost there!

Watch out EU Parliament – now you have two MAYs to deal with! But this second May have a different agenda. She wants to highlight the problem of a no deal Brexit – and the implications of pet travels.

May’s comment: It finally occurred to me as we were travelling pre-Brexit that things will be so different once we are out of the EU. All these no borders checks going through the Schengen countries – so seamless. We will be stuck in immigration queues. And the red tape of travelling with pets – when once the EU received our pets without question, in the future we will need permission to travel. The Pet Passport usually served the UK’s requirements and places like Norway and Finland.

We are on our way to our next adventure and due to timings and schedules, we had to hire a Folkestone Taxi to get us to Brussels to make a connection after crossing the Eurotunnel.

We arrived at the Brussels airport with time to spare – flying off to our adventure.

FYI – taking the taxi to Brussels all worked out to be the same price – given the circumstances and tight timing. I would have had to get to the train station from home, take a train to Folkestone, take a taxi across the tunnel, pay for the crossing, the driver’s return and then another train to Brussels via Paris! And I would have had to stay over night in Folkestone or Calais. And with dog and bags – it was worth it. We’ve been using Folkestone Taxi for years and have always delivered.


  1. Annie Davies

    Glad you’ve had a smooth trip – heaven knows where we’re going with Brexit, but I don’t think it’s ever going to happen, so I reckon you’ve got many smooth travels yet

  2. Steve

    Shame we could have given you a liftt, we may have been in the channel tunnel around the same time ??‍♂️??

    Agree I do hope they sort the brexshit out soon?

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