Tea at Blakes

All dressed up in my Sunday best! Off to tea at Blakes Hotel.IMG_1674 We have been here a few times for drinks and dinner –IMG_1676But our first time for tea …

IMG_1683We were three doggies and three humans – IMG_1686L to R: Tammy and Bruno, Me and Mummy, Praewa and George

May’s comment:  The restaurant at Blakes Hotel is a very grown-up and sophisticated place where dogs are welcomed. They serve water for dogs in beautiful red lacquer bowls. One time when I had Darcy on my lap, they asked me – “would you like her water on the table or the floor?”  Lovely gesture. I opted for the floor.

Miss Darcy wearing her duffle coat from our line of quintessentially British coats – Miss Darcy for Alice Foxx

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