Thanks for the Memories

So after a month at House of Mutt the time has come to go back to reality! Mummy awaits and I must go back to be by her side. First a wash …unnamed-11 Then pack my bag – everyone else is wondering what’s going on.unnamed-10I snuck into one of the posh rooms when I saw a door left open – for some quiet, reflective time – feeling a bit sad to leave. Actually, truth be told, I wanted to lie down on a clean sofa! Well, I just had a bath – I really did not want to sit on the doggy sofas. photo 4-22Sarah found me and wasn’t so pleased. photo 3-29photo 2-35Oops! Left wet paw marks on sofa. photo 3-30 Well, it’s time to put on the collar. unnamed-17 With my Lillyrose tag (Mummy said she got me a new one that matches the brass)unnamed-18And then it was time to get in the car with Peter unnamed-13And away we go … unnamed-14unnamed-16Bye! Bye! Thank you Sarah, Ella, Cally and anybody else – for taking care of me! I had a super time being a country lass. By alas, I must return to the city and behave like a city girl. I won’t be rolling in grass and splasing in puddles for a while. But it’s ok. I’ll be going to restaurants, social doggy events, train rides to new places and cockapoo meets in Kensington Gardens – meeting up with my friends and at best chasing squirrels. I will be back I am sure. Thanks for the memories!

May’s comments: Thank you House of Mutt for taking care of my baby! I could not have been more relaxed knowing she’s in good hands and having a blast!


  1. Maggie

    AAhhh, bet you can’t wait to see her again May. Enjoy having her back.. These little pooches of ours …. No matter how mischievous they are ….. Or dare I say naughty …(now I know really it is us, the owners who are ‘naughty’, even though….. As in Sealea’s case, she stole Lydia’s chicken right off her plate last night, by jumping up on her chair and then helping herself!!!….. She was roundly told off!! And she looked suitably chastened and repentant. But just now ….. I gave hubbie a sandwhich, he moved it to the edge of our round table ….he got up to do something (bad manners …. He should have just eaten it…) and guess what happened next…..?? yep , Sealea appeared from nowhere, she had just had her lunch, raw chicken wing…. Waitrose …. She quietly put her paws up, moved plate slightly, and ate one!!!!! Smoked ham with mustard mayo ….(again from Waitrose …. She is fussy!!)

    So …… !!!, I was cros with hubbie, not her!, But it will be me who has to deal with the other end when it is digested!!!! Grrrrrrr!! She is such a thief! bet Miss Darcy would not do that??

    Righto have got it out of my system ….. You take care May and enjoy Miss Darcy.

  2. Our absolute pleasure! Enjoy 🙂

  3. Tracey

    So great she enjoys it there – I think I would too, even though I’m not a dog!! X

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