Together Again!

Hello Mummy! How are you? It’s been a very long time – the longest time we’ve been apart since we met.

I said goodbye to Sarah and all my friends at House of Mutt and then Peter drove me back to London. When we got here, I knew we had arrived. I couldn’t wait to get out of the car!

DSC_5734-002 DSC_5734 DSC_5741-001 DSC_5738-005 DSC_5738-004May’s comment: I did wonder if she would remember me. She knew she was home the minute the car stopped in front of the gates. I could see her tail wagging.  She ran up the stairs and into my arms.

After that she ran into the bedroom and picked up her favourite toy, a teddy she had since she first arrived home, She pushed her nose at it to make it squeak. Then she ran into every room to check things out before she went for a drink of water.

But then she sat quietly by the door and looked around – taking things in. Wonder what she was thinking.

Thank you Dasha for the great pics!

And then it was time for our first walk together post-new hip!



  1. Agnes

    Welcome back Darcy!!!
    I can’t wait to see You:)

  2. Julia Bates

    Welcome home Darcy! Mummy looks delighted. I can’t wait to see Harry tomorrow and it’s only been a week!! X

  3. Liz

    Awwwww. Lovely seeing you two back together! Xxx

  4. The Carrs

    Brought a tear to my eyes – so pleased Darcy is home after her wonderful adventures at the House of Mutt x

  5. Tracey

    Welcome home miss darcy – those pics put a smile on my face – nearly as big as mummy’s smile!! it’s funny how she checked out the rooms, just to make sure all was as she left it! X

  6. Ah so lovely, glad she is home. We look forward
    To seeing you soon.

    Martine and Rusty xxxx

  7. Paula smith

    Welcome home Darcey , bet mum was more excited than you ! Happy days ahead see you soon x

  8. Ah, what a happy reunion 🙂 Lovely!

  9. Cecilia

    Naw lovely reunion!

  10. Maggie

    Yes, welcome back Miss Darcy. Xx

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