The Norwegian Way of Life

We are on our return journey and each port stop look familiar. We docked at Harstad at 07.45 this morning – and we remembered this one …

but before we get to the reason why, let us start from the beginning.

Mummy checks the ferry schedule the night before and decides which port calls are good for us to go out for our relief.  This morning is Harstad at 07.45.  We know when it is time to go out when Mummy puts on our coats. We go up to the gangway floor which is on Deck 3.And we wait for the crew to come and check us out, to one the door and we watch as the gangway is lowered.And off we go. We always try to be the first out the door as some stops we only have 15 minutes and sometimes when the ferry is running late, we just run off, pee and come right back in. Today, as we got off, Mummy wanted to check out something.  You see, the last time we were here was on Christmas Eve when we had an hour stop – it was early in the morning and no one was around. After we had done our poo and Mummy had scooped them up – she couldn’t find a bin. We walked around looking for some receptacles but couldn’t find any.  After searching unsuccessfully and the hour was almost up, we had to get back on the ferry and she left the bag discreetly by a building at the port …See small dark package on the ledge.  When we returned this morning – Lo and behold – it was still there! Frozen hard!!!!

This time, after Mummy picked up our poo, maybe the powdery snow had melted and she could see that some of those advertising signage were actually part of the bin.Well, who knew!!! To be fair, the first time around, everything was covered with a thick pile of snow so it was difficult to see but what we’ve realised is that the bins in every town are different. Just one of the things we’ve learned about Norway! LOL!

May’s comment: Every afternoon at 17.30 – there’s a 20 minute talk by the Expedition Team about different aspects of the Norwegian Way of Life.  It summarises the day’s events – where we’ve been travelling from and show photos from the various excursions.  And it talks about the next day’s destinations.  There’s always something relevant to questions the passengers have about Norway, the Norwegians – their culture, and their language – we learn a phrase a day. And at the end they feature a local artist and a musician – and show us the works of the artists along with the music. Short and informative, full of humour and diverse. I look forward to these sessions everyday.This is from “The Social Guidebook to Norway – An Illustrated Introduction” by Julien S. Bourrelle. And illustrations by Nicholas Lund.We are down to just two full days on the cruise and trying to make the most of the time.

Doggies have done really well and understand our routines. Coats and leashes mean we’re going out.  Just leash means we vacate the room so it can be serviced and we sit on the waiting area – and that’s when passengers passing by would have stopped to say hello – and we got to know some of them.  It’s Day 9 and I think it was after Day 5 or 6 when other passengers came forward to speak to us.  Now we have a few dog-lovers (who once had dogs but not any more and those missing their back home) who have offered to walk with us and who have also offered to walk them at stops.  We usually have an audience when we are at the port.And when George does his splat and doesn’t want to board the ferry, we hear roars of laughter from Deck 5!

Now with Natasa of the Expedition Team helping out whenever, she had made it possible for me to do some of the excursions – albeit the very mild ones! LOL! Like visiting the Snow Hotel, Midnight Concert at the Arctic Cathedral but maybe just one adventurous one – TBD.


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